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Skin diseases such as eczema are not that understood by some people. More often than not, eczema diseases are often generalized. In order to know more about eczema diseases, read the following sections of this article.

Eczema can be classified as one of those diseases triggered and exacerbated by an allergic reaction. It is also known as atopic dermatitis. Eczema is often seen at infants aged two to six months old and can be eliminated as the child grows older. However, there are also adults who live with chronic eczema. 

If you think you or your child has eczema diseases, take note of the following symptoms:

  • excessive dryness of the skin
  • itching; can result to scratches, redness and boils
  • rough skin, particularly on arms, thighs and the back of the knee
  • inflammation around the affected area
  • patches of uneven skin color
Common allergens and allergic triggers include:
  • dust mites
  • pollen
  • animal fur
  • seafoods
  • eggs
  • chicken
  • dairy products 
  • contact with rough surfaces
  • excessive warmth and excessive cold
  • exposure to warm water
  • emotions and stress
  • colds or flu, or any condition that weakens your immune response
If you think that your skin condition gets worse or more uncomfortable, seek the advice of your dermatologist and see if treatments are needed to manage your condition.

Eczema Treatments

Eczema can be managed using the following remedies and treatments:

  • It is important that you and your doctor has discussed your condition thoroughly. Undergo an allergy test if necessary. This is because eczema is heightened by an allergic reaction. When this happens, then you should keep an oral antihistamine handy. Your dermatologist might also prescribe you with topical antihistamine ointments and creams. Corticosteroids may also be prescribed.
  • Avoid long, warm baths as they may trigger further itching. Make sure that you shower or take a bath using cool water. Make it quick. Limit your bath time to at least seven to ten minutes.
  • Do not use loofahs or bath scrubs. Instead, use a soft washcloth.
  • Avoid food or food items that trigger your allergic reactions.
  • Apply virgin coconut oil to areas prone to itching before and after taking a shower.
  • Keep your skin moisturized. Use creams and lotions that are rich but make sure that they are mild and unscented.
  • Soak yourself in a tub bath filled with pure oatmeal and milk. Oatmeal nourishes, cools and moisturizes your skin.
  • You can also wrap the affected areas with a warm washcloth soaked with milk.

Tips and Comments

Eczema diseases can sometimes be chronic and debilitating, but as long as the symptoms are managed as soon as possible, living with this condition will not be stressful at all. Just remember to stay away from food items and certain situations that could potentially trigger your allergic attacks. Also, make sure that your nails are cut short to avoid the occurrence of having wounds caused by excessive itching and scratching.

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