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How To Prevent Pet Diseases


The modern world brought some new diseases for humankind, but the animals were not spared. While people suffer from new forms of cancers, and other diseases brought by the modern world, such as stress diseases, the dogs and cats also suffer from some new pet diseases.

The most common of those pet diseases are the parasites. The babies of dogs are affected in a proportion of 80-90 %, and if the disease is not treated in time, the baby dog or cat could even die.


The pet diseases of this kind affect the whole organism of the pet, leading to a decreased resistance and vulnerability to contagious diseases. This is why you should apply some parasite preventing treatments since the first months of the baby’s life. The adults must also be treated with preventive solutions, at least once every six months. The special medicines used in this case are the ones recommended by the veterinary, but you should also consider some other aspects such as the weight of the pet, and its age.

Other pet diseases are the fleas. In order to prevent those problems, you will have to pay special attention to the heath and hygiene of the animal. Those parasites usually prefer the dirty dogs and cats. The simplest method to prevent those problems is to use a special necklace, but make sure the necklace has a reduced toxicity and to clean the environment where the dog or cat lives.


The infectious pet diseases are also dangerous. The Carre disease is produced by a contagious virus, and it is sensitive to chemical factors from the external environment. The Carre disease is characterized by fever, and digestive problems. however, treating the fever is only a part of the treatment, and the veterinary must also prescribe medicines to treat the roots of the virus.

The canine fever is a contagious disease that could kill the pet. The virus is capable to survive in any kind of environment for 6 months or more, and it affects especially the young pets. It is signaled by behavioral and physical symptoms, and it is associated with severe general problems. the pet is sad, and it does not have the will to play or to eat. In order to prevent the pet from dehydrating, it is important to oblige the dog or the cat to drink liquids, using a syringe.

Tips and comments

The treatment of those pet diseases is complex, and it must only be made under strict surveillance. This way, you will be able to prevent secondary bacterial diseases. Lately, it is also possible to apply some hormones that stimulate the growth of the white cells, in order to enhance the resistance of the immune system. however, this treatment is still in an experimental phase, so you should think carefully before applying this treatment.

The hepatic virus is another common problem. There are different types of pet diseases of this kind, and it is also treated with a special vaccine. If your dog benefits of a special preventive treatment, it is impossible to get sick. In any case, the best method is to prevent those types of diseases instead of treating them.

By Vlad Dake, published at 03/26/2012
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