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How To Prevent Rare Blood Diseases


In the past, the cure for rare blood diseases was practically unknown, and people that suffered from those conditions had no chance of recovering, it seems like today, with the advancement and the new medical discoveries, there is a hope for those people also. let us see the rare blood diseases and some methods to prevent and treat those conditions.

One of the rare blood diseases is anemia. However, we are not talking about that common anemia that is a characteristic of some children. The blood anemia is defined as a qualitative deficiency of the blood. This is a problem of the hemoglobin, the molecule that can be found in the red globules of the blood. As this substance transports the oxygen to the tissues, anemia is one of the rare blood diseases that will lead to a lack of oxygen in the organs.


The problems might be owned to several conditions, some hereditary. However, the majority of people suffering from anemia and other rare blood diseases have an improper eating program. even if some anemia cases need the advices of a medic, the ones that are caused by bad eating habits can be treated as soon as the condition is detected. It is important to follow some simple advices, as you can cure your child from this problem without chemical medicines. The most common forms of anemia are caused because of lack of iron, folic acid and B12 vitamin. The rare blood diseases are more common for women, as they lose blood through menstruation each month. This is why anemia is a condition of children and mature women, but in some rare cases, it might affect men.

Other types of rare blood diseases are caused by problems with white globules in the blood. The oxygen is fixed by hemoglobin, the red globules of the blood, but the white substance has its importance also. while the problems with the red globules usually cause some simple diseases, the rare blood diseases caused by white globules are more severe, leading to cancers and leukemia. In any case, the majority of those problems are created by the decreased capacity of the blood to accomplish its tasks.


The rare blood diseases can be prevented with a common set of analyses at least once a year. As those diseases usually affect the patient in a visible way, those diseases are easily identified. The problem is that they can rarely be cured, so it is better to prevent them than to try treating them.

Tips and comments

While detecting the rare blood diseases is easy, the cause of those problems can be hardly identified. It is one of the most delicate branches of medicine, especially because for some of those diseases, there are no common treatments. If you want to prevent those diseases, you will have to make sure that your organism benefits of the needed quantities of iron. You can take some iron supplements, and for small children, it is even recommended to take those supplements often. Iron can be found in liver, fish, and eggs.

By Vlad Dake, published at 03/28/2012
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