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With the latest discovery on diseases, it is important for the patients to follow all the news on diseases, especially if they suffer from some special conditions. For so many times, the treatments discovered by traditional medicine are great, so it is a good idea to follow the news on diseases in order to find some new treatments for those problems.


First, you will need to discover new methods to prevent diseases. Of course, being tidy and living in a clean environment, along with some good eating habits will ensure a reduced risk of diseases and other heath problems. On the other hand, with the news on diseases, you will be able to find new plants and vegetables that are really helpful in preventing a large number of problems.

Personal hygiene, washing all the fruits and vegetables that you eat, and a rigorous selection of the foods you consume are great methods to prevent diseases. You would not even need to read the news on diseases, as those are traditional methods used by our ancestors to prevent illnesses. However, latest news on diseases proved that hygiene could also be harmful, especially if we are using the chemical enhanced cosmetic products. It is known that the body needs anti-bodies to fight diseases, and those substances are produced by our body by those cells. In other words, we will need small quantities of “dirt" and harmful factors in order to create an immune barrier of the body against diseases.

The latest news on diseases had proven that a long walk in the park at least twice a week represents a breathe of fresh air for the organism. However, you will have to choose different parks and forests, as the different trees have different effects on the organism. It is also recommended to take those walks in the park along with your family and friends.


The news on diseases also praises the procedure of walking with your bare feet. It is believed that people shortened the life duration with at least ten years since they have discovered the shoes. This is because the bases of the feet have nervous vessels that are in correspondence with different organs. The specialists use the procedure called pressing-puncture, a technique that will stimulate certain points of the base of the foot, bringing benefits on certain organs.

Staying and working in the garden has its benefits, but the latest news on diseases say that this procedure is more effective at night. Especially for people that have trouble sleeping, this procedure is perfect, and after one hour of gardening under the clear moon, you won’t have trouble sleeping anymore.

Tips and comments

Swimming in the sea in the morning is also beneficial, and the latest news on diseases claims that those swimming sessions have beneficial effects on people that suffer from diabetes and obese persons. It seems like swimming in cold water also have its benefits, but this method is not recommended for people that have cardiac diseases, so you should only use this method if you have the approval of a specialized doctor.

By Vlad Dake, published at 03/27/2012
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