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Hepatopathy is a disease of the liver. There are a number of different hepatopathies which can be very harmful to the internal organs of the body. All these hepatopathies are related to the improper functioning of the liver due to which other parts of the body are also severely affected. This disease of hepatopathy is basically studied under the branch of hepatology. There are a number of different hepatopathies such as the alcoholic hepatopathy and congestive Hepatopathy.


The occurrence of liver disease was widespread in the early civilizations. This evidence has been found by performing autopsies on Egyptian mummies. Then the time of Hippocrates came and in 400BC with the passage of time, the ancient Arêtes for the first time wrote about jaundice. After this in 1700s bleeding due to the esophageal varicose was diagnosed. All of these were in one way or another related to hepatopathy.


One of the most prominent hepatopathy diseases is the Congestive hepatopathy. This is called nutmeg liver as the appearance of the diseased cells becomes spiked and thus resembles a nutmeg. This disease results due to the increase in the pressure of the sublobular hepatic veins. This leads to distension and accumulation of blood into the hepatic vein. This accumulation is mainly due to cardiac failure and thus patients with heart diseases often end up with congestive hepatopathy. Now the distribution of the disease is greater in men as compared to women since cardiac failure and other heart diseases which eventually lead to heart failure are more common in men as compared to women. The symptoms of the disease are dominated by the symptoms of cardiac cerosis. Patients of hepatopathy may have abnormalities in the liver enzymes and mostly right upper quadrant distress. Hepatic failure can be a disastrous effect of hepatopathy if left untreated. Medical history of patients with hepatopathy may include hypertension, they may be alcoholics, and they may be suffering from valvular heart diseases. All of these diseases are in one way or another related to the heart. So it is quite evident that patients with heart problems are more prone to developing Hepatopathy.

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Another type of hepatopathy is the toxic hepatopathy which is mainly caused as a result of drugs, medicines or other supplements. This may be caused by iron supplements, copper intake and intentional or unintentional exposure to chemicals such as hexachlorethane, carbon disulfide, phenols etc. The treatment of hepatopathy mainly involves the treatment of the root cause. For example in the case of congestive hepatopathy it is essential and very important to treat the heart condition which is responsible for causing congestive hepatopathy in the particular patient. As a result when treating a patient with hepatopathy diseases, it is mandatory to take a thorough look at the history first as the whole treatment is basically dependant on this. If a patient is suffering from alcoholic hepatopathy then he should be given treatment and counseling which would help him or her in giving up drinking. As far as toxic hepatopathy is concerned, toxic medicines or drugs which the patient is taking should immediately be withdrawn.

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