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About Treatments For Hodgkins Diseases

Published at 03/27/2012 15:39:12


Hodgkin’s disease is a form of cancer that affects the lymphatic system. This disease will cause the lymph tissue to grow abnormally and sometimes spread to surrounding areas. It is not a very common disease and when realized should be taken seriously and taken to a doctor. People suffering from Hodgkins diseases can succumb to it very easily if they are not taken good care of. It is not a common disease to the young people and mainly attacks the old people who have low immune systems. Below is how you can treat Hodgkins diseases.

Major Treatments for Hodgkins Diseases

One of the most common ways of treating Hodgkins diseases is by radiation. This is mainly used when the Hodgkin’s disease is only limited to one area of the body. The radiation is done on the lymph nodes and the next sections of them that are affected are radiated. The length of the treatment is determined by the relentlessness of the disease. Early diagnosis of the disease is advised by doctor and also awareness campaigns are used to give knowledge to people on how to realize if they have the disease. Hodgkin’s disease may lead to death so do not take it lightly.

Apart from radiations Hodgkins diseases can also be treated using chemotherapy. This kind of treatment is used when the Hodgkins diseases have spread to more than one section of the lymph nodes and other parts of the body. Recurrent infections will demand for a high dose of chemotherapy. This can cause side effects because high doses of chemotherapy in treatment of Hodgkins diseases can cause destruction of the bone marrow. To prevent this destruction, bone marrow and stem cells are taken from the individual before chemotherapy treatment and are stored back afterwards. This might also cause damage of the liver, lung, heart and leukemia.

Other Effective Treatments

Another very rare type of treatment of Hodgkins diseases is the transplant of bodyparts like the bone marrow and peripheral blood transplants. This type of treatment is done to certain type of patients especially those who have recurrent Hodgkins diseases. This type of treatment is not popular because of the expensive cost that it comes with. Most people who undergo transplant in order to treat Hodgkins diseases are those who can only afford the cost. It is also not easy because it is not easy to find a donor who is disposed to offer the part that you will be in need of.

Another treatment that is not commonly used is by immunotherapy. Treating Hodgkins diseases by immunotherapy is showing much promise. Treatment by this method is through monoclonal antibody therapy and vaccine therapy. This kind of treatment is proving that Hodgkins diseases can be prevented through vaccine but most people are finding it hard to believe it. This treatment is still not proven right so it might take some time before it starts being used in all hospitals treating Hodgkins diseases.


Hodgkins diseases do not have many methods of treating so the above are the most commonly used.