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How To Treat a Fish Tank With Hyposalinity

Published at 03/28/2012 21:37:52


A hyposalinity treatment is a very effective treatment for clearing fish tank of any infestation. Water with hyposalinity is water with low levels of salt in it. This low level of salt results in lower osmotic pressure. When the osmotic pressure of the water is less, it will cause movement of water from a lower concentration to a higher concentration. In this case, the higher concentration will be inside the body of any living organism inside the aquarium.

So there will be movement of water from the aquarium into the body of these living organisms. Fish being a large organism, can cope up with this sudden change of osmotic pressure. where small organisms like itch cannot tolerate this sudden change in osmotic pressure, so these organism swell up and literally burst. This is known as osmotic shock therapy. It is quite easy to treat aquarium with hyposalinity.

Step 1

If your fish tank already has salt present in it, adding normal fresh water itself will be enough. However, before using any water test the salinity of the water using a salinity tester.

Step 2

Adjust the hyposalinity of the water to be in their range of 1.013 to 1.010. The salinity in the water can be adjusted by the adding a little amount of salt and rechecking with the Salinity meter. Also make sure that the temperature and pH of the newly prepared water is same as that of the aquarium tank.

Step 3

Now you can use this hyposaline water for hyposalinity treatment. You can either go for a complete water change or three fourth-water change.

Step 4

Remove three fourth of the salt water from the aquarium and that add the newly prepared hyposaline water. You can replace half of the water from the aquarium with hyposaline water.

Step 5

Test the water with hyposalinity tester. If this level is too high remove some more water and add the newly prepared hyposaline solution. Also, if the level is too low add some more salt. High-level means a value greater than 1.013, and the low-level is a level less than1.010.

Tips and comments

Hyposalinity treatment should be maintained for a period of four weeks at least. Once the hyposalinity treatment is over, the water should be replaced gradually. To do this removes one fourth of the water from the aquarium and add, normal aquarium water. Maintain this state for two or three days. Then, remove another one fourth of the tank water and replace with normal aquarium water. Maintain this state for another one or two day. After this you can replace the hypo saline water in the tank completely with the normal aquarium water that was used before.