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How To Identify Fish Diseases Tropical

Published at 03/28/2012 21:31:11


Tropical fish diseases can be caused by bacteria, virus, fungus, and other parasites. The most common reason for tropical fish diseases are the unhygienic state of water. If the water is not changed over time. there will be accumulation of nitrogenous waste which will cause the growth of bacteria and other virus.

Fish tanks that are not kept in the idle temperature range will also favor the growth of microorganisms that will result in tropical fish diseases. Treating tropical fish diseases is not an easy task as most of the antibiotics and other medications will also kill the useful microorganisms in the fish tank. So it is better to prevent the onset of tropical fish diseases. This can be done by doing frequent water changes, maintaining a proper temperature, and adding a little bit of salt in the water. Adding salt to the water will change the pH of the water and other microorganisms will find it difficult to survive in this environment.

Step 1

This tropical fish disease is commonly known by the name ich or ick. Tropical fish diseases of this variety can be identified by careful observation. There will be raised white spots similar to that of grain on the skin.

Step 2

Fishes will be seen scratching against different objects inside the aquarium. They do this because of the presence of skin irritation.

Step 3

Tropical fish diseases of this type are caused by an organism oodinium limneticum. This tropical fish disease can be identified by the presence of particles spots on the skin that are very fine and have more grey or gold color. These fish will also be seen scratching against objects in the aquarium.


Step 4

Tropical fish diseases of this type is caused by the organism Spironucles sp and Hexamita sp. This disease most commonly affects the Oscar fish. The most commonly seen physical sign is the presence of hole in the head of these fish. These holes can widen and can even exudate pus from it. This disease usually does not show any other symptoms other than the physical symptom described above. The fish might show signs of lethargy.


Step 5

This type of tropical fish disease is caused by various organisms. Fishes affected by these tropical fish diseases are seen to have tale, which are tattered and smaller in length. They also have difficulty in swimming due to the presence of other infection.


Tips and comments

Tropical fish diseases of this type are commonly caused due to severe stress condition inside the aquarium. Stress condition can be due to sudden water change, introduction of other fish inside aquarium or can even be due to too much human interference. This disease is easy to recognize as the fish will show a Popeye, i.e. the eyes of the fish, will start protruding outside. This protrusion is caused due to the accumulation of pus behind the eyes.



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