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What Are The Causes Of Betta Fish Diseases


Fish therapy is known to have therapeutic effects to people. One kind of fish that is perfect for this treatment is the lovely betta fish. However, these lovely creatures can be disabled by diseases. Betta fish diseases can be caused by several factors. Factors that are crucial to prevent betta fish diseases include water volume, water temperature and cleanliness of water in the aquarium.


The ancient species of the striking betta fish originated from the rice fields of Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia. Betta fish is also popularly known as Siamese fighting fish. They were called pla-kad and trey krem. Due to the Betta’s remarkable beauty, it has quickly gained its popularity world-wide. The attractive betta fish is a great display to your home or office. To take advantage of its aesthetic purpose for long, you must do precautions so that your pet won’t acquire betta fish diseases.


A primary cause of beta fish diseases is overfeeding. Overfeeding the betta fish will lead to constipation. Some labels of fish food recommend amount of feeding that actually exceeds the capacity of the betta fish. So it is recommended for you to decrease the recommended amount and observe. If the amount is enough for your fish then do it consistently. The left over foods can also lead to other betta fish diseases. The left overs will rot and pollute the water. The decayed food will harbor microorganisms which may cause betta fish diseases.

Dropsy, Fungus and Septicemia are some of the betta fish diseases that are caused by polluted aquarium. Extreme temperature is also not good for betta fish. Temperature of the aquarium should be maintained at 78 to 84 degreesFarenheight. Improper water volume can also lead to disease. The fish needs enough water for it to thrive. An aquarium with around 8 inches diameter is enough for a single Siamese fighting fish. Leave at least 3 inches of space from the brim so that oxygen will be readily available for the fish. Unclean aquarium is extremely toxic to the beta fish. Their excretion and other decayed elements from the water will produce carbon dioxide. This will not only cause the fish to get sick, it might even kill your fish.

Tips and comments

Betta fish diseases can easily be prevented using the right precautions. You must buy the right kind of fish in the first place. Choose a healthy, active betta fish with no signs of disability. You can do this by observing and comparing the betta fishes before choosing one. You must also consider the tank where the fish stays at the shop. It should be clean and has no foul smell. Then choose the right tank for your new betta fish and fill it with right amount of water. Use tap water, do not use distilled water. The fishes won’t thrive on distilled water. Feed the fishes with small amounts and only once a day. Do not agitate the fish. Clean the aquarium once a week. Keep all these in mind for your pet to be free from beta fish diseases.

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