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About Aging Diseases

About aging diseases

Aging diseases are conditions whereby the body slowly falls apart with time due to the normal wear and tear of the body's systems and the kind of lifestyle that we choose to live. Aging diseases can affect anyone and can be severe if not well handled. With help of some of the good anti aging remedies and proper strategies, the aging diseases can be dealt with at the early stages and prevented from advancing to the serious and complicated stages. Living healthy should be the number one thing to help in the protection against the aging diseases. The different aging diseases are caused by different factors and are treated differently depending on the severity of the disease and the symptoms present.

Causes of Aging Diseases

The following are the main causes of aging diseases that affect most people.

  • Genetic regulators: our bodies possess genetic regulators that help in keeping the aging diseases in check through balancing the damaging and repair of cells and determining if a particular cell will live or not. If the genetic regulators break down or are not functioning as they should, the body is at risk of suffering from the aging diseases.
  • DNA damage: each and every day, our bodies are attacked by many DNA damaging factors like the sun. These damaging factors tend to destroy the genetic code of the cells causing a build up of new cells on the old damaged ones. This makes the cells working to reduce and the time they are meant to live as well causing aging diseases.
  • Increase of the AGE proteins: with time, the body gains AGE proteins that clog in the system leading to inflammations that in turn cause cellular damage and hence multiple body complications.
  • Slowing down of energy production: mitochondria is responsible for the production of energy in the body and if it becomes less effective, cell functions reduce.


The best to prevent the aging diseases from attacking is by defending your system through living a good and healthy lifestyle. The following are ways in which a person ca maintain a healthy lifestyle and at the same time prevent the aging diseases from attacking.

  • Eat a healthy and nutritious diet: eating a balanced diet that contains fruits, vegetables, enough proteins and foods that are rich on oxidants and other relevant anti aging compounds would be the first step in preventing the aging diseases from attacking. A good diet also delays the attack of aging diseases and keeps the body immune system strong enough to fight and infections that may attack.
  • Doing regular exercise: study has proven that people who exercise tend to live longer as they keep their bodies fit and strong and also maintain a good and healthy size. Exercise strengthens the muscles hence better balance, it improve the health of cardiovascular system hence prevention of aging diseases like the vascular dementia, heart attacks and stroke.
  • Adopting healthy lifestyles: this mainly entails avoiding bad habits like drinking alcohol and smoking as they weaken the body's immune system.



The aging diseases patients need a lot of care and love at the time when the diseases strike.If this is not provided, they may end up depressed and this may quicken the advancing of the aging diseases. The family members and friends should help the patient to cope with the aging diseases through;

  • Taking them for regular visit that will help in determining the progress of the aging diseases.
  • Trying to understand the concerns of the patients and they needs would also go a long way in helping them cope with the disease.
  • Try to reduce stress to the patients so that they can be happy and relaxed.
  • Ensure that the patients have a good and balanced diet and supplements if need be.
  • Show the patients that you are concerned and they can count on you for anything.
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