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How To Protect Yourself From Puppy Diseases

How to protect yourself from puppy diseases


A puppy is a young dog that is very harmless and sweet. Puppies can be so playful when they have energy and stress free. However, these good pets are prone to many different puppy diseases some of which may be severe to the extent of causing death. Puppies are more prone to diseases than mature dogs and when attacked by diseases, they take long to get better. Some of these puppy diseases can be spread from the puppy to the owners. It is therefore important for the owner to make sure that the puppy if safe and free of any contagious puppy diseases.

Veterinary consultations

Regular consultation and visits to the veterinary doctor will help to keep you and your puppy safe. This because, the puppy will have regular checkups that will help to identify any puppy diseases that may attack the puppy while still early for them to be treated in a much better way. During this veterinary visits, ensure that your puppy is vaccinated against the common puppy diseases by use of the best vaccination schedule that caters for your puppy's needs. Ask your veterinary doctor of the best way to prevent your puppy from being attacked by the harmful parasites, bacteria and worms. If your puppy is under treatment,, the regular veterinary visits will help in the monitoring of the puppy diseases progress and effectiveness of the medications administered.

Train Your Puppy

Right from the tender age it is important to train your puppy on the leash manners that will help in the protection against the puppy diseases. Teach your puppy hoe to behave when around people and other dogs or puppies. Teach the puppy things like avoiding contact with other puppies stool, avoiding contact with the wild animals and avoiding contact with the puppies that are aggressive or portray some weird behavior. It is also good to make sure that you understand your dogs normal behavior so that you are able to note when it changes due to some illness. Earl diagnose of any illness will protect you and your puppy since the chances of the puppy diseases advancing to some complicated and damaging stage will be reduced.

Avoid Ticks

Ticks can spread puppy diseases from the puppy to the owner. It is therefore important to make sure that they puppy is free of ticks and there are any ticks noted, they should be dealt with immediately. You should check your puppy on a daily basis for any ticks that might attack. If you notice any ticks,

  • remove them carefully by gripping the tick close to the puppies skin or with a tweezers and pull it out without busting or twisting it as this may result in the ticks mouth remaining in the puppies skin hence an infection may occur.
  • Do not apply alcohol or petroleum on the tick as this may increase the chances of the tick passing puppy diseases to the puppy in case it is infected.
  • After successful removal of the tick, ensure that you crash when it is wrapped in a napkin and avoid contact with the fluids as they may contain some infections.


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