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Human Eye Diseases That Can Be Cured

Published at 03/28/2012 23:54:06

Human Eye Diseases That Can be Cured


The eye is used to see and is very important to us in our daily lives. With the help of the eyes, we are able to perceive images from the surrounding and translate them to the brain. The eyes guides where we go and helps us to recognize people we met. Unfortunately, this very important part of our body is prone to diseases that can harm it totally and prevent it from performing its tasks. Some of the human eye diseases can be cured while other cannot be cured once they attack they can only be managed and prevented from progressing faster. Most human eye diseases can cause loss of vision but if they are diagnosed early, they can be treated to prevent them from causing damaged to the human eye.

Cataracts Human Eye Diseases

Cataracts human eye diseases are the most common cause of eye blindness today. Cataracts refers to an opaque cloudiness of the lens that is caused by a lumping of proteins in the eye. This cloudiness tends to affect the vision and most people who are affected by this disease have difficulty when driving at night. Cataracts human eye diseases are caused by regular exposure to chemicals, pollution, smoking, eating unhealthy foods and radiation exposure. These factors cause oxidation which tempers with the proteins and fats in the eye and hence cataracts occur. Cataracts human eye diseases are detected through the dilated eye exam and the eye pressure tests. It can be treated through a laser surgery when the corrective lenses and glasses fail to work and eating a healthy diet that has antioxidants that are found in foods like the vegetables and fruits.

Conjunctivitis Human Eye Diseases

The Conjunctivitis human eye diseases refers to the burning redness, itching and swelling of the human eye. It occurs as a result of the inflammation of the conjunctiva which is a tissue that lines the eyelid on the inside and its responsibility is to keep the eyelid and eye ball moist. It ca be caused by irritating substances, bacteria, dirt, smoke, virus and chlorine from the pool. The Conjunctivitis human eye diseases are high contagious and are characterized by symptoms like; blurred vision, redness of the eye, itchy feeling in the eye, burning sensation in the eye, increased sensitivity to light and increased amounts of tears from the eye. Conjunctivitis clears of itself in most cases and does not require any form of treatment. In some other cases, antibiotics are administered if the disease is caused by bacteria but there are no medicines to treat Conjunctivitis that is caused by a virus.

Glaucoma Human Eye Diseases

Glaucoma human eye diseases affects the optic nerve which is responsible for the receiving of light from the retina so that it can transmit it to the brain. This disease can damage the optic nerve or even cause blindness. It is caused by increased fluid pressure. This human eye disease does not present any symptoms at first but an eye exam like the dilated eye test, eye pressure test, visual field test and the pachymetry tests can detect the presence of Glaucoma human eye diseases early enough for treatment to take place and vision loss can be prevented.