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When Should You Use Prestop


There are many buttons on a normal remote control of normal DVD players, some of which people never even use. The most important include the stop and play buttons. They mainly direct the flow of the player in terms of traffic. Somewhat insignificant among the many buttons is the prestop button but it is one with many advantages.

Prestop is a command in many DVD players that allows users to pause the player at a point before the actual point is played by the player. This involves a detailed understanding of the movie in terms of timing and accuracy. The user must know what they want to pre-stop for it to be effective, otherwise they will not need the button at all.


Prestop came about with the advent of the advanced DVD players that allowed user interactivity with the player. It was first represented in the stop button and command but later on was included as a whole new command. Prestop became a major relief for many users as it allowed them to pause the movie at a time they knew they would be away from the player.

With the advent of digital technology, prestop has advanced to include a remembrance command for users to resume play from where they left off.


Prestop should be used when the user wants to:

First, the user may want to control his view of the movie by commanding the player to stop at a particular point. This is not only advantageous by allowing breaks at regular intervals but also allows the user enjoy the view at their own rate.

Secondly, prestop may be used when the user wants to resume play from where they left off, sometimes even when the player was off or without power. This is advantageous in that it caters for any power surges or blackouts. It also allows the user to avoid the hustle of forwarding the player to the last point they viewed from.

These advantages are however limited to a select number of DVD players of quality performance. Prestop doesn’t exactly give the user maximum satisfaction as play cannot be back-played to the point before the player was stopped. Thus prestop doesn’t allow for a continuous transition between two view separated by the pause.

Prestop however doesn’t experience the drag between slides when play resumes as it allows a smooth transition between slides. This aids when the user wants to scrutinize the movie.

Tips and comments

Prestop though advantageous has to rescale to the original size of the captions. The user thereafter has to rescale to their specific window size. The previous versions of DVDs did not have a static timer on each point of the movie thus prestop I not possible on earlier versions.

In many players, the prestop command may show the manufactures logo before play resumes. This doesn’t mean that play is totally discontinued. Play will resume on the last immediate point of the movie.

Normal playback and prestop are the latest advancements on DVDs today in the market.

By Kennedy Jacob, published at 03/30/2012
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When Should You Use Prestop. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.