Can Canary Diseases Spread To Humans
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Can Canary Diseases Spread To Humans

Published at 03/31/2012 00:46:10


Can Canary Diseases Spread To Humans

Canary diseases are those diseases that affect the general variety of birds found worldwide. These diseases if not taken care of, can cause the death of the bird too. Often, regular checkup of the pet bird by a veterinary doctor is enough to avoid such conditions. But there are questions that keep haunting us regarding these Canary diseases. Firstly, whether the disease is transmissible to humans or not, secondly whether we can stop spreading of these diseases etc… when it comes to the popular Canary diseases we need to make sure that we are aware of the various symptoms and their required remedial measures.


Bird Flu or Avian Flu: This is one of the most popular and deadly Canary diseases that can spread to the humans. Mostly you will come to know about Bird Flu in your country or area even if a single case is found. It is caused by a virus named as H1N1. The symptoms as well as the disease can easily spread to the humans, even on consumption of meat of the affected animals, belonging to the Aves category. For example, consumption of chicken in Bird Flu situations, without cooking and boiling it very well can lead to the spread of the disease among humans. Though, now medicines are available but, it is not as easy to cure as normal influenza.

Often, due to the tapeworm or mites affecting the birds, humans can also be affected. Tapeworm is a very popular form of Canary diseases. Hence, proper care must be taken of the bird in such cases. If you find that your pet birds are affected by tapeworm, and then take it to the veterinary doctor as soon as possible. This will help you to keep away the issues related to tapeworm; it also helps in staying away the disease from your family members too. Try to keep the small members of your family away from such birds as much as possible.

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Regular check ups of the birds are also essential. If you feed your family members the food you get from your poultry farm, which has birds, then you must make sure that their health is a concern to you. Give the medicines as prescribed by the doctor to the birds. If you see a flock or even a single bird to be infected, try to isolate it from the other birds as soon as possible. Act as the doctor suggests. This is one of the best preventive measures to stop deadly Canary diseases from affecting your farm as well as your family.

Often, the birds seem to develop other forms of infective deadly Canary diseases that can be transmitted via mediums like air, water, stool passed by the bird, and even its urine. In such cases, you must act as soon as possible and get the pet bird hospitalized based on the recommendations made by the veterinary doctor.


Try to keep the birds clean, healthy and maintain them properly to avoid deadly Canary diseases. Early precaution in these cases are preferred, early treatment is very helpful; these diseases can become really dangerous at later stages.