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Symptoms And Treatments Of Cat Diseases

Cat diseases symptoms and treatments

Cats are small animals that are kept at home as pets. These sweet animals that bring joy and happiness to their owners are at risk of contracting diseases some of which can be severe and require special care and treatment. It is every cat owner's joy to see their cat happy and healthy and therefore, it is essential for them to know and understand the different cat diseases symptoms so that they can be at a position to identify them, as soon as they strike. Early diagnosis can prevent other severe complications from attacking the cat, and the treatment process may be relatively easier.

Types and cat diseases symptoms

There are many different types of cat diseases that attack the cats but the following are the main cat diseases symptoms.

  • Cat skin diseases: the cat diseases symptoms of the skin diseases are frequent scratching and biting of fur, skin scab, papules, skin inflammation and redness, diarrhea, swelling of ears and other affected areas, vomiting and thickening of the skin.
  • Liver disease: its symptoms are loss of appetite, weight loss, yellowing of eyes, frequent urination and water consumption, diarrhea, vomiting, liver enlargement and effusion of the abdomen.
  • Cat kidney disease: it is characterized by the following cat diseases symptoms; increased voiding, increased fluid intake, bladder bacterial infections, uremic poisoning and at advanced levels there may be little or no urine production.

causes of cat diseases symptoms

The cat diseases symptoms are triggered by a number of factors depending on the cat diseases present. The following are the factors that trigger the cat diseases symptoms.

  • Cat skin diseases: the skin cat diseases symptoms are triggered by the following factors; contact of the cat with an allergic or irritating substance, a bite from a flea that the cat is allergic to, hypersensitivity to certain drugs, poor diet, bacterial infections, immune diseases, disorder of the hormones and allergic reactions from foods that the cat has consumed for a long period of time.
  • Cat liver disease: liver disease in cats can be very fatal. The liver cat diseases symptoms are caused by; reduction of the food quantity the cat consumes, use of fat that overwhelms the liver during processing, bacterial infections, parasitic infections, pancreatitis, exposure to harmful toxins and drugs.
  • Cat kidney diseases: the kidney cat diseases symptoms are triggered by; a blockage of the urinary tract, abdomen trauma, heart failure due to low blood pressure, dehydration, blood clot at the artery, poisoning by Easter lilies or antifreeze, infectious diseases, toxins from certain medications and use of nonsterodial anti inflammatory drugs.

treatments of cat diseases

The following are the main treatments that are administered to cure the cat diseases symptoms.
Cat skin diseases
Treatment of skin cat diseases symptoms is as follows;

  • Identification and elimination of the substance responsible for the cat diseases symptoms.
  • Corticosteroids is used to manage the itching.
  • Antibiotics are administered to treat bacterial infections and other infections that result from the biting and scratching.
  • Inflammation and itching can be treated with steroids or antihistamines.
  • In some cases, shampoos are used to relieve the itching and inflammation.

Liver diseases
The treatment of liver cat diseases symptoms depends on the cause of the underlying cat diseases symptoms.

  • A good and intensive nutritional support for the cat is recommended.
  • If the cat is dehydrated, fluid and electrolyte therapy is administered.
  • Antibiotics are administered in case a bacterial infection is present.
  • In some cases, surgery may be necessary.

Kidney diseases

  • Taking of fresh water in large quantities.
  • Consumption of high quality proteins.
  • Vitamin B supplements should be administered to the cat.
  • Famotidine and omeprazole are prescribed to manage the vomiting.
  • Dialysis is used to treat acute renal failure.
  • Avoid stressing the sick cat.


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