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How To Treat Diseases Of The Kidneys


Kidneys are body organs lying on either side of the lower part of the spine, that aid in excreting waste and excess water from blood. They help balance fluids in the body, control blood pressure and manufacture of red blood cells. Most diseases of the kidneys are chronic and are not curable, but hope is not lost yet, since the symptoms can be controlled and even treated. If these diseases of the kidneys are well monitored and treated promptly, one is able to increase the life of his/her kidneys. Diabetes and untreated heart diseases are the most common diseases that lead to kidneys dysfunction. There are various ways on how these diseases of the kidneys can be treated. The most common treatments are as described here.

Treatment of diseases of the kidneys

Diseases of the kidneys can be treated if one is kept on a well balanced diet, exercise on a regular basis and gets plenty of good rest. Though potassium is a healthy mineral, one should try avoiding it since kidneys find it difficult to process it and remove excess amount from the blood. Also to be limited, are sodium-rich and salty foods, which tend to increase blood pressure, a negative impact to the kidneys. By doing so, diseases of the kidneys are treated in the most natural way. Another way to treat diseases of the kidneys is by avoiding tobacco or nicotine. In short, one should stop smoking. Smoking increases blood pressure, slows the flow of the blood to the kidneys thus increases the chances of kidney failure. It is quite important that the blood pressure be maintained fewer than 130 over 80.

Diabetic persons are often victims of diseases of the kidneys. For diabetic patients, it is necessary for them to control their blood sugar levels and keep them stable, plus also maintain adequate body weight. When treating diseases of the kidneys, one might experience swelling of the hands, ankles and even feet. This is usually a sign of kidney failure. When such happens, it is of importance to ask your doctor if you have to attend kidney dialysis. This is where a certain machine is used to filter waste products out of one’s blood.

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Another way of treating diseases of the kidneys is by avoiding dehydration of the body. Your intake of fluids should be adequate enough. It shouldn’t be too much, if one is at an advanced stage of kidney failure. This mostly affects diabetic people who have infections of the urinary tract. The natural treatments that can help best is by; drinking nettle tea, eating watermelon, asparagus, cranberry juice which makes the urine more acidic, drinking around 2 liters of fresh water in a day, red clover tea and other nutrients enriched fluids.

Diseases of the kidneys can also be treated by avoiding use of illegal drugs and intake of alcohol at all means possible. Sometimes it might prove to be difficult for the users, but there are healthy benefits that come out of this. Last but not least, diseases of the kidneys can be treated by having a kidney transplant, either from a family member, close friends or from kidney donors. As long as the donated kidney is a perfect match, then it will not be attacked by one’s immune system. A human being can live a very normal and healthy life with just one good kidney.


Diseases of the kidneys can be treated or avoided at all costs if one takes care of him/herself health wise, since the kidneys are very important organs of the body. If one experiences any difficulties or the above ways of treating diseases of the kidneys dim to work, he/she should consult a doctor immediately.

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