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Bugs That Bite Especially in Bed

Published at 01/23/2012 19:27:58

Bugs: The Nuisance for Your Sleep

Are you struggling with the insect that is disturbing you on your bed? It is nothing but the smallest but the most irritating bugs. They are parasitic insect whose main food is the human blood. They are usually found in the areas where people sleep and also it gained the name as ‘bed bug’. These insects are active during night and so it spoils the sleep of many people. These bugs are known in different names like wall louse, heavy dragoon, red coat etc. The bite may be small but it has many side effects especially the bed bug bite. Now let us have a look on the side effects.

Bug Bite Side Effects

There are some bad side effects like skin rashes, psychological effects and allergic symptoms. There is no much danger behind bed bug bite but it have to be treated on time especially if you find rashes. Most of the people after a bug bite will feel discomfort while travelling and will have a sort of fear and doubt for even for the new bedrooms. So it will be always best if you can give proper care and treatment for bug bite on time. Now you can find some of the remedies for bug bite.

Exact Treatment for Bug Bites

There are no issues without a solution. But make sure you apply the right solution for your problems. Some of the steps for the treatments are listed below
• You must thoroughly wash the area with water or soap
• Baking Soda Paste: You can make a thick paste of baking soda with water. And apply well on the area. This paste should stand for an hour or more.
• Aloe Plant Gel: This can be applied as it is rich in anti fungal and antibiotics treatment.
• Calamine Lotion: They can also be a relief for itching.

These are some of the best tips and medicines which can be used especially for a bug bite. The above mentioned tips will be helpful especially as the medicines are readily available in most of the houses.

Knowing & Preventing Bugs from Home

If you have to prevent something you have to know first what is it and the how to prevent. For this you have to first learn
• How to identify a bug.
• How do they get into your home
If this two are found then prevention is much easy. Some of the tips to prevent bugs are
• Make sure you check well your bag after a long journey. Check the bed and mattresses well.
• If you have given your dress to laundry you must have a thorough check on it.
• Check well while bringing in used furnitures and equipments to your home.
• It is always wise to clean your house regularly and you can even approach the pest control services too.
• Using vacuum cleaners can help in controlling bugs.
Here are some of the tips which can keep your house away from bugs. Along with these tips you have to clean your house regularly especially the bed room and sofa areas very well.