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List Of Commonly Abused Pain Medications

Published at 01/23/2012 19:37:08

List of commonly abused pain relieve medications

List of commonly abused pain relieve medications includes Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Aspirin and other narcotic based drugs. Aspirin is the oldest medicine for pain reliever. Without doctor’s prescription this medicine is available in the medical shop because this medicine is used for low to average level of pains. Now a day it is one of the popular medicines and it is more movable medicine not only because of values of anti clotting but also of its pain relief. The above said medicines are very effective for different conditions. Oxycodine is a drug sold only by prescription and it is normally used for chronic pain. Relief of the pain is over eight to twelve hours. OxyContin is the market name of oxycodine.

OxyContin is used to control hard pain conditions. It is a narcotic tablet in all the means. Oxycodine helps to get relief from pain within 24 hours. So it is a pain reliever in a slow manner and mostly in cases of post surgery, oxycodine are not used. Hydrocodone is used to treat pains level of moderate to severe. This drug can be obtained only through prescription and its strength varies differently. Hydrocodone acts in a short period and a sale of this medicine is only through doctor’s prescription. Some of these commonly abused pain medications are available either through doctor’s prescription or without prescription.

What is commonly abused pain medications?

Commonly abused pain medications are the most prescribed medicines in many countries. Most of the commonly abused pain killers share some similar features. Pain killers are not having psychologically addictive features but they are addictive physically. Most of the commonly used pain killers are the first in the list of commonly abused pain medications. In most of the cases the physician introduces these common medicines to patients and gives supervision to use that medicine. But the patients become addict to that medicine and they are not at all aware of the depth of addiction of that medicine. If a patient’s use of pain killer gets increased, abuse of that pain killer also increases.

Addiction of pain killers

Addiction of pain killers increased because of once the use of pain killers gets started people finds it difficult to stop the use of these abused pain killers. Some try to get these pain killers illegally to satisfy the need for maintaining or need to keep the pain in same level. Due to the rapid speed of the commonly abused pain relievers getting prescribed, the sale of these medicines in the black market is also getting a rapid increase. Mostly they are stolen from individuals in small quantity or stolen in bulk from the transportation facilities or warehouses. Also they are sold in the streets illegally to satisfy the pain medication abusers and users.

Awareness of pain killers

Awareness of pain killers in proper manner helps the patients to overcome the usage of these medicines. Painkiller is the commonly abused pain drug at the international level and is the mostly abused prescription medicine behind marijuana. The intake of these medicines by the young people is also getting increased in this developing world. The seriousness of this problem has become tremendous and everyone has to be aware of the potential risk of commonly abused pain medications. People need to follow the doctor’s prescription and also they should be potentially aware about the risk of the commonly abused pain medication.