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How To Prevent Food Produced Illnesses At Home

Published at 01/23/2012 19:36:33

Source of food produced illness

Food poisoning is a serious threat, which is caused due to consumption of adulterated food. Salmonella one of the common types of food poisoning bacteria contributes significant role in causing illness borne from contaminated foods. Salmonella is located in the abdominal tract of almost animals, involving human beings. If the food is processed in improper ways or handled in a non-hygienic way it will get contaminated with these illness causing bacteria. Harmful bacteria happen to pollute human foods usually through small amount of fecal substances. If this sort of undercooked food happen to be consumed, it will result in serious illnesses. Mostly animal food products such as chicken and beef shows this sort of bacterial contamination, but also vegetables seems to be have this sort of contamination rarely.

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Symptoms of illness that occurs from food

Symptoms of bacterial contamination generally initiate within 72 hours of eating contaminated foods. Stomach cramps, fever, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting are some of the major symptoms of food produced illness. A salmonella poison will normally settle itself within a week. It is advisable to take lots of water for sick persons to avoid dehydration. Though, if the individual’s illnesses becomes worse due to spreading of the infection to intestine it is better to consult a medical practitioner. These are few of the symptoms of illnesses that occurs from food.

Measures to be taken while cooking to Prevent Food produced Illnesses

It seemed to be having a higher rate of risk of worsening in case of little children or persons with immune complaints. It is advised to cook food especially meat products thoroughly in order to avoid food produced illness. Always avoid consumption of under-cooked meat or food cooked in a non-hygienic way. It is better to take additional care while preparing meat products especially poultry products. Hold raw meat detached from other food materials to elude cross-contamination. It is a must to clean all cutting boards and table knife to shut minute source of contamination. Always avert any foods products that consisted of raw eggs. Query about the constituents of traditional foods or home-made foods will help to make sure that they are free from raw eggs. It is better to wash utensils that used for serving food and your hands before food consumption. Separate cutting boards should be used for cutting vegetables and animal products such as mutton chicken etc.

Measures to be taken while purchasing food materials

Test the food materials for its cleanness and for the expiration date while purchasing your grocery items. Don’t consume food if its expiry date is over. When purchasing eggs take care to ensure the cleanliness of eggs and check whether it have any cracks in its shell. Always use pasteurized diary food products. Avoid purchasing vegetables that have an unpleasant odor. Always clean your hands after exercising the toilet or touching animals or their surroundings.it is supposed that reptiles and birds are mainly possible to transmit salmonella. Small children should be learned to acquire hygienic sanitary habits to keep them untouched from food produced illnesses.