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About Morens Switzerland


The location of Morens, resides in the district of Broye, in the canton of Fribourg, which is located in Switzer land. It is known since early times of 1216. Out of the total surface that it has, more than a half of it is used for agricultural purposes and just 16.2 in percentages is used as a settling place.


While it is a rather small city, just a small part of the total number of population is a resident there. The total number of people living there is 149 people. According to the latest census, the vast majority of the population has French as their first language, and then there is a wide variety that speak German as well and Portuguese. The percentage of women that live in Morens is higher than the percentage of men – that is to say, 49.7% is made out of males and the rest, females.

Due to the small number of people living here, one can number them. Therefore, it is known that the biggest percentage as far as the age distribution concerns are people aged between 50 and 59 years old, then comes those that are aged between 30 and 39 years old. They lived in a total number of 48 private households and 45 apartments.


Whereas a small town, one needs to have the possibility of knowing the essential things, as far as education concerns, at least. There is the canton of Fribourg School, in Morens that accounts for providing one year of kindergarten, which is not compulsory; and it is continued with six years primary school. After finishing this type of education, it is compulsory for one to attend the lower Secondary School, where children are separated according to their abilities. After finishing with the lower secondary school as well, they can choose to follow the three or four year upper Secondary School. This program is optional for those living in Morens. Depending on the type of upper School one has done, they can choose to follow a Tertiary school, which will help them continue with their specialization or their apprenticeship.

Hotels near Morens

Whatever your reason may be to want to visit the little town of Morens, here is a list of hotels that will offer you faster or less fast access to the town. One can choose from Hotel la Suite, Park Inn by Radisson Lully, Le Rive Sud, Hotel du Port, Auberge de Vers chez Perrin, Hoteld e la Gare, BnB Chateau – Gottrau, Hotel Motel St. Louis, Le Couronne, Motel de Bevaix, Hotel le Vaisseau, Hotel Lacotel and as well Hotel Restaurant le Chalet.

Out of the upper mentioned ones, Hotel la Suite is the closest to Morens. It is located in the medieval town of Payerne and situated five hundred meters away from the abbey church of Notre-Dame, built in the 11th century. It serves regional food and it offers you the Payerne golf course and hiking and cycling routes. Anyhow if you choose a more resonant hotel, like Hotel Restaurant Le Chalet, Cortaillod, you will be farthest from the town of Morens, being set at almost thirteen kilometers away. However, one can enjoy the lake Neuchatel and the mountains that they have so close. One can choose to sail, swim, or just stroll along the Areuses Gorges or the vineyards that are here.

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