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You Must Now Discus About Diseases!


Discus is a type of fish that belongs to the three species of cichlid freshwater fishes that are native for the Amazon River basin. Due to the fact that they are rather special, they are species that are popular for being an aquarium fish and because of it a real industry is created in this regard. Asia is one of the countries that take advantage of these little things.


How would one recognize such a fish? Despite of the contradiction that exists between the names of three types out of this specie, the only difference that is put under the question sign is the name. However, they all look the same – some are green, some are blue or brown while the other one is the Hekel discus. They all have a laterally compressed body shape and mainly the shape is what gives it the name. They have kind of disk like bodies, possessing a kind of circular shape and elegant hues. They usually inhabit the margins of floodplain lakes found in Amazonia where one can find a variety of neutropical fish fauna.

Discus problems

You decided in purchasing a discus or several discuses for your home. In taking this decision one must be aware there are some things that one needs to purchase in order that discus is comfortable in its new home. You should purchase a tank, an aquarium lid, a tank stand, one or two heaters, a thermometer, filters, lights, air pump, bucket, net, test kits, cleaning tools for the tank and as well decorations for the inside the tank. All of these should be bought under specialized eye. You should know that from the age of six months old, they will grow as big as a tennis ball. Therefore, the purchased tank should account for this.

Handling the discus properly you will keep it far away from the discus diseases that may appear along the way. Like any other fish it can develop a wide range of discus diseases. But just like in any kind of disease, if you discover it in due time and then treat it with success, your discus will be as good as new. One can seize there is something wrong with his discus if he feels the water temperature from the tank has changed, when the colors of it have started to change and fade away –all these signifies that your discus in an unhappy fish. The discus diseases could as well be caused by worms. One of the most common of these situations is the hole in their head disease. This is treated by using readily obtainable medications that are used when giving them the food. There are as well other discus diseases, such as gill flukes, costia, velvet and Ich, internal parasites and bacterial infections.

Preventing discus diseases

If you want your discus not to suffer any discus diseases that he may be prone to, you should do everything that is in your hands, to prevent this from happening. Therefore, make sure that they are fed with the demanded nutrition like, but not over fed. The main issue is that they get enough protein, they so much need. The tank they live in should be cleaned at least once a week; the tank size should be enough for it to have space and not feel stressed out due to the little place and the last but not the least, the water temperature and quality should be maintained with the correct pH balance and the temperature between 82 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

By Bob Meadow, published at 04/02/2012
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