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Annualreviews is a collection of 41 review stories. It does not have a single specialization, therefore, it accounts for various disciplines in science and in social science. It is a non-profit organization found in Palo Alto California. Each of the series is available as an annual volume. It can be as well purchased online, as electronic articles or a subscription to the print. If you find a site licensing available, they can as well be found as a database. It has a long history – the first series of Annualreviews having appeared in 1932 with Annual Review of Biochemistry. Until 1996 the entire series was available.

The Annual reviews usage

Each of the 41 review stories contain between 12 and 40 comprehensive review articles, and in them is comprises the major topics in that specific subject along the years that passed. Anyhow, there are the major topics of the Annualreviews, that are covered just once in a few years, letting the other general topics to appear annually. These Annualreviews are of great usage in teaching and in research. These reviews are written in a compact narrative style and they use a minimum of descriptive text for the articles it covers. However, the authors of these publishing magazines provide a list of summary of the points it covers in the review and the future topics he will discuss about. They do not have a specific length, as their length depends on the topic and what the author prefers to point out.

Annual reviews examples

While the Annual Review of Biochemistry was the first one from the total number of 41, nowadays there are more. One can mention the Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, the Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics, the Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering, the Annual Review of Cell and Developmental Biology, the Annual Review of Clinical Psychology, the Annual Review of Computer Science, the Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences, the Annual Review of Economics, the Annual Review of Etimology, the Annual Review of Financial Economics, the Annual Review of Food Science and Technology, the Annual Review of Genetics, the Annual Review of Law and Social Science, the Annual Review of Medicine, the Annual Review of Microbiology, the Annual Review of Nutrition, the Annual Review of Pathology: Mechanisms of Disease, the Annual Review of Physiology, the Annual Review of Plant Biology, the Annual Review of Public Health, the Annual Review of Resource Economics and many others.

Publishers of the Annual reviews

Just like in any other working organization, the Annualreviews has a team formed of a board of directors, a business affair committee and an editorial affairs committee. The management team includes Samuel Gubins as a President and Editor-in-Chief. The editorial committee members are split in accordance to the part they cover. Therefore, there is a committee for each of the 41 topics it covers.

It is a non-profit organization that has as a sole mission to intelligently synthesize the scientific literature in a review format that will make it easy to distribute and to be available. The prices are set in order to recover the costs of publishing the new volumes to come. They are ones of the lowest from this industry. The Annualreviews offers as well some of the reviews free or at a very low cost through initiatives like HINARI and AGORA.

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