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How Myxazin Affects the Fish Tank


Having decided to have one or some small fish at home and take care of them , one must know that they are not so easy to take care, despite of the fact that they are only living in a part of your house and occupying as well, a small part of it. Moreover if you intend to keep the fish healthy, there are some issues you must take into consideration.

The mere thing that you keep the fish in a tank is a huge compromise for the little being to make, in comparison to what their life would be in a natural habitat. The vast majority of the fish we keep in an aquarium come from the tropics, where the waters are very clean. An aquarium cannot even compare to the cleanness of the Amazon waters, as well due to the fact that the surface where it lives, is much bigger than the aquarium that you may have at home. A home aquarium can at most have one hundred gallons of water.

Fish tanks

Due to the small surface that is covered with water, in a fish tank, the water tends to get polluted very easily because of fish wastes. This polluted water contains harmful organisms, which eventually will cause the fish to have illnesses. In their natural habitat, these harmful organisms are very likely to come across by, as the fish are more capable of keeping infection away. As your home fish tank is very prone to this thing, you should take very good care of the fishes’ life in the home tank. The fish should be fed well, be stressing free and you should carry out regular maintenance to the tank.

The pH from the tank represents the measure of the acidity in the water. A 7.0 pH is a neutral pH. Higher than this, becomes alkaline and lower than this, becomes acidic. Depending on the type of fish you have, you should know whether the pH should be higher or lower.

Possible fish disorders

Living in a fish tank one can catch many fish disorders if not everything is properly. No matter the fish, they can catch bacteria, parasites – both internal and external, the pop – eye disease, fungal infections and as well finrot. No matter what is the disorder you are facing with, as long as you have traced it, you can start the most effective treatment, in order to save your fish. A variety of chemicals and drugs are available for the bacteria and fungi treatments; myxazin is another treatment for one of the fish’s disorders.


How is myxazin helpful in a fishes’ life? It is good in lowering the harmful bacteria that exists in the tank water. It treats such infections as Fin Rot, Body Rot, Ulcers, Scores and some other bacterial infections that may appear. Moreover, myxazin is useful in keeping under control some of these diseases and it should be used daily until all the symptoms disappear. Afterwards, it should just be applied once in a while. Myxazin is used in sterilizing nets and live food, in treating Whitespot from the water. As far as its effects it has good effects on fish, as it is very effective ion the problems that may appear along a fishes’ life. Anyhow, one should be careful when working with myxazin, as it is suitable seawater, tropical fresh water and coldwater aquariums. Anyhow, it should not be kept in the water tank for more than five days.

By Bob Meadow, published at 04/02/2012
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