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About Reflexus Syndrome


The reflexus syndrome is a debilitating disorder that involves the human’s skin, nerves, blood vessels and bones. It is as well known as reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome, shoulder-hand syndrome, causalgia or sudeck’s atrophy. According to the decision of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, RSD is a chronic pain condition resulted in the dysfunction of the central or peripheral nervous systems.

The single good thing about this disease is that it is listed as a “rare disease”, affecting less than 200,000 people in the US population.

The Reflexus Syndrome symptoms

There are many such reflexus symptoms, such as shiny skin, burning pain, temperature hypersensitivity, severe burning pain, bone changes, skin changes, excessive sweating, tissue swelling, red skin, hand swelling, extreme sensitivity to touch, hand tenderness, heat, reduced range of shoulder motion, reduced range of hand motion, pale skin, pitted skin, osteoporosis, loss of strength, grooved nails, muscle wasting, changes in nails and hair growth, and many other symptoms in accordance with each individual in part.

Such symptoms may cause debilitating consequences. At the root of these symptoms there have to be some causes such as, a certain trauma suffered, soft – tissue injuries, fractures and heart disease, spinal cord disorders, cerebral lesions, infections, surgery, repetitive motion disorder, carpal tunnel syndrome. Anyhow, the reflexus syndrome is not something that is easily diagnosed.


To be certain that the signs showing you may suffer of the reflexus syndrome are accurate, one should get a sure diagnosis of this. As the first signs appear you should go and see a doctor. He will be the only one entitled to offer you a proper treatment after conducting a physical exam on you. Then, you ought to have a bone scan. This implies a radioactive substance that is injected into your veins while the doctor looks at the bones with a special camera. If you suffer of this disorder, you will see the circulation in your joints is increased. Putting your nervous system to test is as well a good way to diagnose if you suffer of the reflexus syndrome. This test is called thermography and it measures blood flow and skin temperatures in the RSD affected areas. Getting an X-Ray to the bones will show you if you have any mineral loss in the bones. This procedure exposes you to an ions radiation in order to get pictures of the bones inside the body. A less affective type of putting the diagnosis is having a magnetic resonance imaging. This uses radio frequency pulses, a magnetic field and a computer, which will offer the doctor the possibility to show bones, organs, soft tissues and all the internal structures of your body. It is a very good way to test for the reflexus syndrome.


This specific syndrome has various stages. Therefore, one can discover one is in an advanced stage of the disease or in a former one. The first stage lasts up to three months and it is characterized by severe burning pain, muscle spasms, joint stiffness, rapid hair growth and changes in the skin color. The second stage lasts from three to six months and the pain becomes more intense. Other factors you may feel is swelling, decreased hair growth, softened bones, cracked and brittle nails and weal muscle tone. If you got to the third stage, the changes to the skin and bone are irreversible now. Pain is continuous, the mobility of the body is limited and you may feel contractions of muscles and tendons.

Diagnosing it at the right time and following the proper treatment, one can actually get cured.

By Bob Meadow, published at 04/02/2012
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