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How Rare Is Adrenomyeloneuropathy

Published at 04/01/2012 00:30:18


Adrenomyeloneuropathy (otherwise known as AMN) is an uncommon hereditary metabolic disorder. It is generally known to be a form of adrenoleukodystrophy (abbreviated as ALD), which is a medical condition occurring in young men. It is actually the milder form of adrenoleukodystrophy. Adrenomyeloneuropathy generally begins in the childhood, or even in the adolescent age. It is characterized by various threatening symptoms like dementia. It is linked with the longer arm of the X chromosome and so is sexually specific. Adrenomyeloneuropathy can also develop into adrenal insufficiency at an older age. In case of males carrying several homozygous mutations, surely exhibit this rare hereditary disease.

Gradual weakness progressing along with age is one of the major symptoms of Adrenomyeloneuropathy. AMN is also characterized by stiffness of the legs and along with growing age, children facing the issues related to AMN tend to become less active, when compared to other normal children of similar age.

Failure of the capability to manage the muscle movements is another important factor in case of Adrenomyeloneuropathy. Slowly the child is unable to move his limbs and legs. This generally occurs along with growing age. The movement slowly stops and the boy becomes spastic in nature. The inability to move the muscles can so be a symptom.

Weight loss though is a symptom of various diseases but when seen in case of a child, followed by the above mentioned symptoms, can indicate Adrenomyeloneuropathy. When we see a kid losing energy and weight consistently, and complaining about muscle movement issues we must take it seriously.

Visual defects though not seen in all cases, but is still a crucial part of the Adrenomyeloneuropathy and its symptoms. Visual defects might include difficulty in seeing distant or close objects. However, it is essential that we see whether the other effects are present too or not. Then only we can jump to any conclusion about AMN.

Articulating deficiency in case of words is another very important symbol of Adrenomyeloneuropathy. The affected person is unable to articulate even normal words properly. This symptom keeps on increasing with age. Generally as a child, the issue remains nominal. However, with increase in age it starts increasing.

Nausea might be a confusing symptom in case of AMN. Various AMN patients have reported Nausea along with the other mentioned symptoms which are often mistaken to be of some other disease. So if Nausea along with the above mentioned symptoms are seen then we must see to the case very seriously.


Seizures, bladder infection and even mild peripheral neuropathy can be seen in case of patients who are affected by AMN. proper care must be taken when these symptoms are seen in case of a child or an adolescent.

Basically, the person affected by AMN also has to face sexual disabilities and even impotence in many cases. Tough treatment of all the above symptoms can be done personly, but ultimately sexual disabilities cannot be stopped. It is better to control all the symptoms before they get out of control.