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Causes Of Genetic Human Diseases

Published at 04/01/2012 00:32:21


Life as indicated in medical science comprises of healthy and fit living on one side and diseases and syndromes on the other. Even the humans, who have developed both socially as well as intellectually, needs to face the issues related to various disorders and diseases. Genetic human diseases are of various types. Genetic human diseases are generally transmitted from one generation to another, and hence is the major concern in the field of medical science. Genetic human diseases have reasons and ways, which they follow in the process of transmission. We should be aware of these reasons in order to lead a well informed human life.

DNA or Deoxyribonucleic Acid is a double helix compound molecule present within the living cells of all living organisms. A section of this DNA, which codes for proteins is known as genes, which in turn controls the characteristic body mechanisms and functions. Mutations or changes within these genetic structures cause various types of genetic human diseases. The common rumor that exists is that genes cause genetic disorders. But, the fact is that changes or even deletion of genetic codes within the genes cause these disorders.

There are certain genes within our body that has been named as protooncogenes. When these protooncogenes are stimulated with carcinogens, they get converted into genes identified and known as oncogenes. Oncogenes act against the rules of cell division and hence, give rise to a situation we commonly call as cancer. Therefore, we can say that cancer is actually not a disease but a popular form of genetic human diseases, where the cells of a particular body part go out of control.

Chromosomes are organized structures of deoxyribonucleic Acid and proteins found within the cells of a living organism. In case of humans, we have 46 chromosomes, ordered in two pairs of 23 each, which comes from the genetic source of both the parents. It is a known fact that males have the sex chromosomes as XY and females have XX form of sex chromosomes. Various genetic human diseases are transmitted using these sex chromosomes. Hence, it largely depends what genetic disease we are talking about. Whether it is X transmitted or not. If yes, then the chances of having a dominant genetic disease occurs more, if a girl child is born.

Various forms of chromosomal mutations can also give rise to various genetic human diseases. Chromosomal mutations that are popular in this category include translocations (portions of chromosomes get transferred from one chromosome to another), inversions (A part of the chromosome is detached, then inverted and rejoined) and deletions (complete removal of chromosomal parts).

Tips and Comments

Genetic counseling is very essential in case of marriages. Sometimes some genes become recessive and due to favorable conditions can express themselves in the children, born between the parents (genetically affected but recessive) after marriage. Thus, proper genetic counseling can help in preventing genetic human diseases. If you avoid this counseling then chances of transmission of these genes exists. Proper check up helps in controlling these diseases a lot.