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The American Journal of Kidney Diseases is the most respected publication in America when it comes to treatments for kidney diseases. In this publication, the most respected professionals in renal diseases publish their studies, and all the new treatments for kidney and renal problems appear here first. In fact, the most reputed pharmaceutical companies prefer to publish their studies here, and to release the respective medicines on the market only when all the important specialists approved the respective medicine.


The American Journal of Kidney Diseases has the purpose of determining the symptoms of kidney diseases, and especially the chronic ones. The kidneys are responsible to eliminate the toxic wastes from the blood. Moreover, those organs are also responsible of regulating the level of fluids and salty substances from the organism. According to the American Journal of Kidney Diseases, the importance of kidneys has grown during the latest years, but also the number of problems connected with those organs. It is because of the processed and enhanced foods we eat, as those foods create so many problems for the kidneys. Moreover, the American Journal of Kidney Diseases also detected some new diseases and problems that might affect the well functioning of those organs.

There are hundreds of diseases described by the American Journal of Kidney Diseases. A chronic renal disease might appear sudden, but usually it is installed slowly, and it develops during several years. Each kidney has about one million of small filters, called nefrons. When the nefrons are deteriorated and they stop functioning, the ones that are still healthy will take their role. If the deterioration continues, the nefrons that are still healthy are supposed to pressure, and at a moment, the kidney might stop functioning for good.


The reputed doctors use the American Journal of Kidney Diseases to find the latest treatments of those problems. In order for those treatments to have optimal results, the patient must collaborate with the doctor, and to follow the therapeutic steps strictly. The causes of a renal disease are not always known, but any affection or disease in this area will affect the blood vessels and other structures of the kidney. The most common causes of a renal disease are described in many articles of the American Journal of Kidney Diseases.

Tips and comments

People suffering from diabetes will suffer from kidney problems in 35% of cases. A high level of blood sugar will alter the blood vessels in the renal area. If the level of blood sugar remains high, than the renal function is deteriorated progressive. The high blood pressure is also another cause of renal problems. As the pressure of blood is a direct factor causing renal problems, it is important to treat those problems since the beginning. According to American Journal of Kidney Diseases, those are the most important factors determining the installment of kidney problems, but there are some new diseases caused by bad eating and stress. It is important to determine the factors causing those problems, as the majority of kidney diseases are curable.

By Vlad Stanculescu, published at 04/02/2012
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