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About Maple Trees Diseases And Treatments

Published at 04/03/2012 20:14:48


The maple trees are one of the most popular trees considered for planting. Their wood is most commonly used for the making of furniture and other wooden utilities. These trees have a specific shape of their leaves which make them unique as compared to other trees. There are a number of common maple trees diseases that put the survival of these trees at risk. Some of the most common maple trees diseases are tar spots, Anthracnose and maple wilt.

These maple trees diseases usually occur due to a prolonged exposure of the trees to cool, moist weather, especially when new leaves are emerging. These trees need an optimum weather and a well-balanced mineralized soil to grow in. Another reason why these trees are so prone to diseases is that insects such as aphids feed on them and secondly these trees provide an essential food source for larvae of some of the Lepidoptera species.


One of the most threatening maple trees diseases includes the fungal disease by the name of Anthracnose. The fungi basically affect the branches and leaves of the maple trees. The infected leaves of the maple tree have purple and brown spots along the veins of the leaves and only brown ones between the veins of the leaves. The only cure for this disease is the removal of the infected part of the tree, while on the other hand useful fungicides can also be used to cure it. Then comes maple wilt, which is considered to be one of the most dangerous maple tree diseases.

It is caused by the fungus Verticillium which is found in the soil. This fungus mostly attacks the tree via the roots and eventually affects the vascular system of the tree. There is no specific cure and the only action which can be taken is the cutting of the tree so that the disease cannot spread to other maple trees in the vicinity. The most commonly infected maple trees are the sugar maple tree, silver maple tree and the Norway maple trees. Sap streak is another very harmful disease which affects the maple trees. This disease stops the growth of the maple tree and after some time this disease dwarfs the whole system of the tree. Dark brown staining may also appear after a couple of years.

Tips and comments

Tar spots is one of those maple trees diseases which are not as harmful as the ones mentioned earlier. Due to this there are big black spots on the maple leaves. This is also a fungal disease. This disease most commonly spreads during damp weather. As this is not a harmful disease, there is no recommended treatment for this. To protect the maple trees from these diseases it is very important to water these trees regularly, in order to provide them with proper nutrition they should be fertilized annually and the area in which the trees have been planted should be kept clean. It is also very important to keep a close eye on the trees so one can easily and quickly spot an infected tree and so take proper precautions for its treatment or removal.