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About Transmittable Diseases in Drug Users


The chances of you getting one of the many transmittable diseases greatly increases if you're a drug user. AIDS is the most known and talked about disease out of transmittable diseases, over 1.1 million adults are currently living with HIV infections just in the country alone. AIDS and other transmittable diseases do not discriminate, they can effect people of all ages, colors, ethnicities and religion.

HIV and AIDS has been linked to drug abuse time and time again. It is one of the transmittable diseases that can infect an person who has used a contaminated needle or other injection paraphernalia. Along with the sharing of needles, HIV/AIDS is also transmitted because many people who use drugs have lower inhibitions, have no judgment and a lot of the time, get involved in risky sexual behavior.

According to transmittable diseases statistics, over 64 percent of those in the country who are living with AIDS have been part of illicit drug usage. Only 19 percent of those living with AIDS have never used a injection needle for drug usage.

There are several other infectious and transmittable diseases that are commonly associated with drug usage. HCV and HBV are two of the most common transmittable diseases that go hand and hand with drug users. Both of these effect the liver of the person. If the HBV and HCV is not taken care of shortly after transmission, it could very well lead to cirrhosis of the liver.

TB is another common transmittable disease associated with drug usage. TB is not one of the transmittable diseases that show many symptoms to the person who has it, its more so a silent disease. Many people who have AIDS or HIV are also infected with TB.

Besides the above mentioned transmittable diseases, there are also some others which go hand in hand with drug usage. chlamydia, trichomoniasis, syphilis, gonorrhea, genital herpes, bacterial pneumonia and endocarditis are also very common diseases found in drug users.

When it comes to protecting yourself from transmittable diseases, obviously you should stay away from any type of drugs, specifically ones that involve injections. Also, it is important not to drink to the point where you're impaired as when drinking, many people have awful judgment and end up being sexually promiscuous. finally, you should always have protected sex in order to prevent transmittable diseases. It is suggested that people who are sexually active, visit with their doctor regularly, especially if you have more than one partner. You never really know what transmittable diseases your sexual partners are carrying.

It is important to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases. It is recommended that you just use common sense, do not get involved with drugs, do not have more than one sexual partner and do not involve yourself in risky behavior as if you're lacking judgment, your chances of getting a transmittable disease greatly increases.

To learn more about the effects of transmittable diseases, safe sex and drug usage, it is imperative you speak with your doctor as he or she will fill you in on the required knowledge you need to know.

By Nicole Marie, published at 04/02/2012
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