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Discus And Prevent Fish Diseases

Published at 04/05/2012 12:13:53


Pets bring lively and cheerful atmosphere at our homes. Dogs and cats are one of the most preferable choices but these days keeping aquarium is as popular as any other pets. Aquariums not only give another edge to interior of a home but also relieve stress. There are lots of other advantages of keeping fishes as pets. You don’t have to give much attention to them all the time. You don’t have to give them a bath, neither has to take them for a walk and their feeding habits are much easier than any other pets. It doesn’t mean that once you have purchase a fish tank your job is done you have to take proper care of the fishes and you also need to clean the tank at regular period of time. One of the most popular fish breed which is own by people these days is discus fish.

Discus fish are native of Amazon. There name represents their physical appearance. They are bright color sort of circular shaped fishes. Usually found in places rich in plants and soft water. Before keeping discus fishes you must gain full knowledge of discus fish as unhealthy environment and lack of care can make them disease prone. There are several causes of discus fish diseases like lack of cleanliness, improper treatment and untidy tank conditions. You usually required big tanks for discus fish to prevent from discus fish diseases. Let’s discuss some discus fish diseases and their prevention.


Keep the tank clean to prevent discus fish diseases. Animals called pathogens reside in water that breed and live to affect fishes and make them sick. It is important to keep a check and try to solve the problems as soon as you get to know about them.

To check that if your fish is getting right nutrition or not use pH detector. As they say prevention is better than cure, by checking their nutrition level periodically you will reduce the possibility of discus fish diseases.

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Holes in head or gills flakes are one of the most dangerous and known discus fish diseases. It is very difficult to give fish a proper treatment when it is affected with this kind of discus fish diseases. Increase the temperature of water to 36 degrees Celsius and add oxygen to compensate the loss from the temperature increase. It will be more suitable idea to go for good medication as soon as you know about it.

Gill flakes are as serious discus fish diseases as holes in the head. It is caused by parasites that live and breed in the tank; it causes problems in breathing of the fish and also affects its swimming ability. Young discus is more prone due to their weak immune system. A fish is supposed to be separated when the young fish can eat on their own.


Even shock can be harmful for your fish. You need to be consistent with the temperature and pH level of the water and avoid sudden lows and highs to save them from shocks and contagious discus fish diseases.