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About Erysipeloid Accuring on the Skin


Erysipeloid is a bacterial disease of the skin and other associated organs where the causative organism is Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae. This organism can cause this disease both in the case of humans as well as in the case of animals. According to the facts given by medical science this is a mild cutaneous form of the disease. Generally, people who handle raw fish or even raw meat face issues as indolent cellulites due to this organism. This organism enters through a scratch or cut in the hand and causes the Erysipeloid disease. Though, there are various symptoms and treatments of the disease but the disease Erysipeloid is very rare. This disease can occur in case of both males and females and of any age. There is no racial source of the disease as it can occur in case of people of any racial types. The consequences of the disease are not very severe and generally, it gets cured with the use of the prescribed medicines and antibiotics by the medical practitioner.


In order to avoid Erysipeloid disease the best option is to stay clean. The more clean and dry you keep your skin, the lesser chances of facing the issues related to this disease you will have. In fact, according to the experienced dermatologists of the world, people who stay clean and tidy are less prone to any form of skin disease. Staying clean and tidy implies that if you work with something dirty, try to wash your hands as soon as possible. For example, if your profession demands you to work with dirty items (ex: Janitor) then try to wash yourself after the day’s work is over. In most cases a good shower after the day’s work is also recommended. This helps in keeping the body away from the germs and micro organisms too.

Another way to avoid Erysipeloid disease is to stay away from raw meat, fish and such stuff without the use of gloves. Try to use rubber gloves in case you need to handle any such objects which can cause this infection. Wash the gloves daily after use with an antibacterial soap or detergent so that you can safely use the same glove regularly.

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The utensils or objects which you are using at work, if can be cleaned then try to clean them regularly in order to stay away from Erysipeloid disease. For example, if you are using any metallic objects that are used daily, try cleaning it in hot water so that it remains clean from all types of micro organisms.

Try to stay away from contaminated people or areas as much as possible. This is another advice that you need to follow as much as possible in order to avoid Erysipeloid disease. Prevention in such cases is much better than cure of these skin diseases.


Try to sterilize and use items and objects. Sterilization and other associated anti micro organism procedures helps you and your family to stay away from Erysipeloid disease. These diseases can be avoided with proper care and precaution. In case of any infection always try to get a treatment in early stages.

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