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About the Connection Between Cholesterol And Heart Diseases

Published at 04/02/2012 23:00:15


Before you can understand the connection between cholesterol and heart diseases, you have to understand what each of them mean. Cholesterol is a fatty substance that can stick to your arteries. Your arteries are what carry your blood to the different parts of your body. When cholesterol or plaque gets to thick, the blood cannot move back to the heart right. This condition is known as atherosclerosis and can cause clots to form. Once the clots form, this blocks oxygen from getting to the heart and causes one to have a heart attack. Some of the different diseases that can affect your heart are high blood pressure, diabetes and of course high cholesterol.


When you have high cholesterol this puts a tremendous strain on your heart and this is one connection between cholesterol and heart diseases. Being able to lower your cholesterol should help you to become healthier overall. Some people find that their cholesterol is high due to a hereditary link, meaning that your parents and grandparents had high cholesterol and it is just in your genes. There is not much that you can do about this condition, except to just be very careful and watch what you eat. Most of the time high cholesterol is caused by eating a diet that is rich. This means that you eat a lot of fatty foods and this is no good when you have high cholesterol. Eating a diet that is lower in fat and swapping out chicken or fish for red meat a couple of times a week will help to lower your cholesterol. If you are still having an issue, talk to your doctor about getting medicine to help you lower your levels.


There are other conditions that can also be bad for your heart and these all can play an important role in how healthy your heart is. Besides the connection between high cholesterol and heart diseases, you can also develop diabetes and high blood pressure. Diabetes can be something that you are born with or will develop later in life. There are many different ways to control diabetes if you have it and the best way is with eating. You need to watch both natural and refined carbs and how many of them you eat at one time. Exercising can also help to keep your diabetes under control. The next one is high blood pressure. High blood pressure means that the blood is moving through your veins and is putting extra pressure on your veins and this puts extra pressure on your heart. This can lead to one of the many different heart diseases that you can get.

Tips and comments

There is a big connection between how healthy you are and your cholesterol and heart disease you may have. You can keep your cholesterol under control by eating healthier and eating more fruits and vegetables and exercising. If you cannot get it under control, then talk to your doctor about what medicines you can take and follow his advice. You do not want to try to handle the matter in your own way; this can make it worse for you.