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What Are The Causes Of Fetal Diseases

Published at 04/04/2012 11:54:12


There are few things in this world that are worse than being pregnant and finding out that your child may have one of the many different fetal diseases that can strike. When you are first pregnant, you do not think of things that can go wrong and like other pregnant women you are expecting to have an uneventful pregnancy and a healthy baby at the very end. But sometimes things do not go as planned and we may never understand the reason why. The joy that you first felt can turn to sadness and you need to try to turn that back around.


During the first twelve weeks of pregnancy is when the embryo is doing most of its developing and this is also the time that things will go wrong. Most women at this point have just found out that they are expecting. This is also the easiest time to pick up a toxin or fetal disease and not ever realize that it was happening. Being exposed to toxins and diseases can interfere with the fetuses’ development. During the first twelve weeks, is when the fetus is most susceptible to injury or something going wrong. One thing to always remember is that you are connected to the baby and everything that you do will all affect the baby.


One of the issues during the early stages of pregnancy has to do with oxygen or the lack of it. Oxygen supply to the developing fetus is very crucial when all of the important parts of the baby are developing. The fetus needs adequate oxygen for the new cells that are growing in their body. Lack of oxygen can cause a host of different fetal diseases including problems with the central nervous system. When the problems are with the central nervous system, most of these are not correctable after birth, and become lifelong problems for the infant. There are some fetal diseases that are the woman’s fault. These can be from smoking, doing illegal street drugs and alcohol. Some people have an addiction that they cannot kick even when it is the best for the baby. Smoking cigarettes can cause a low birth weight, premature delivery and low oxygen levels in both the mother and the baby. Illegal drugs can cause problems with withdrawal just like they do with adults. Slow development can be one of the fetal diseases that will affect a baby that has been exposed to street drugs.

Tips and comments

When you are pregnant, you need to be careful being around cats and the diseases that they can carry. These can cause fetal diseases in the fetus from the toxins that are in cat feces. Going to the doctor and eating properly can help you to avoid some of the fetal diseases that can happen. Not every disease is caused by something you did or did not do, but some of them you can avoid by taking care of yourself. If you think you have an issue, take it up with your doctor and follow his recommendations.