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What Skin Diseases Are Contagious?

About contagious skin diseases


The skin is the largest organ of the body that covers the inner parts of the body. The health and nature of our skin defines greatly who we are and it is in most the cases the part that defines the first impression of an individual. The skin defines who we are and our health standards. The skin is prone to many diseases and infections especially because it often comes in to contact with the many organism and bacteria that tend to cause the skin diseases. There are two main classes of the skin diseases which are the contagious and the non contagious skin diseases. The contagious skin diseases can be very fatal if not dealt quickly and in the right manner. To avoid the complications and the embarrassment that is caused by the contagious skin diseases, it is best to adhere to the simple prevention strategies like;

  • avoiding sharing of the shaving blade.
  • showering with an anti bacterial soap.
  • avoid sharing of towels and soap as well.
  • avoid contact with a person who is infected with a contagious skin disease.


Tinea contagious skin disease

Tinea contagious skin diseases are fungal infections that are caused by the ringworms. These contagious skin diseases accumulate in the hair, fingernails and the skin as well. There are different types of tinea contagious skin diseases like the;

  • Tinea corporis: which is a ringworm that is found in the body and affects the skin mainly on the chest, arms and the legs. The symptoms of the tinea corporis contagious skin diseases are small spots on the skin that are itchy and red and look like large rings.
  • Tinea pedis: it is caused by a ringworm that affects the foot and the contagious skin disease that result is commonly known as athletes. The contagious fungal infection is found between the toes and it leads to some terrible itching and blisters.
  • Tinea capitis: is caused by a ringworm that is found on the head and is responsible for baldness.
  • Tinea cruris: this is a ringworm that affects the genitals and is widely known as the jock itch.

The tinea contagious skin diseases can be contracted through contact with an infected person or even using public showers. They can be cured using the anti-fungal drugs that help in fighting the fungal infections that cause the tinea fungal infections.

Scabies contagious skin diseases

Scabies is one of the contagious skin diseases that are very common. It is caused by a mite known as the sarcoptes scabiei. Scabies is characterized by excessive itching that occurs mainly at night and some track like marks on the skin. The track like marks caused by scabies often appear on the skin folds like the armpits, breasts, buttocks, knees and it could also appear on the elbows, waist and between the fingers as well. Scabies like all other contagious skin diseases is acquired through contact with an infected person, sharing of clothes and bedding's. It can be treated using the creams and lotions that kill the scabies mite and taking of medications like the crotamiton and the permethrin.

Impetigo contagious skin diseases

Impetigo is also one of the most common contagious skin diseases. It is characterized by the pus filled blisters that sometimes ooze yellow fluids, rash and skin lesions on the face, arms, lips and the legs. The pus and fluids from the blisters are responsible for passing the impetigo skin diseases from one person to the other. Insect bites and skin traumas can cause openings on the skin that make a person prone to impetgo contagious skin diseases. Impetgo skin diseases are treated with antibacterial creams and other relevant medications.

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