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Know About The Symptoms Of Fish Tank Diseases


First and foremost, there exist different species of fish in oceans, lakes, rivers, worldwide. Fish serves the nutritional needs of the millions of people the world over in the developing countries and the developed countries of Africa, Asia, South America, and the USA, and Europe. It serves as the best form of animal protein, since it contains less fat and is therefore healthy for the systems of most people. Fish is consumed by different types of people globally among which include the following, the rich and the poor, the young and the old, different races of people and culture.


Some countries around the world are known for the exportation of fish in large quantities to countries that produce less. Some of these countries include the USA, New Zealand, and Japan among others. These countries feed the fishes in their oceans therefore enabling them to increase in number. Large tones of fish are therefore exported to other countries that generate revenue to these countries for the sustainability of their development. Apart from the consumption of fish, it is also used for medicinal purposes, whilst the unwanted parts may be used to manufacture or produce other things.


Adding to that, countries that do not have oceans or fresh water, practice fish farming by constructing fish ponds in great numbers to increase their fish intake and to reduce the cost associated with having to import fish from other countries. It is important to know that it is not all species of fish that are found in all oceans around the world. This is because some fishes thrive well in cold regions such as in oceans of the temperate regions, whilst others thrive well in hot regions such as in oceans of the tropics.

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Furthermore, this is applicable to the different types of diseases that attack fish. Whilst some of the diseases thrive well in waters of the temperate regions and therefore attack species of fish in that region, others thrive well in the tropics and attack species of fish that exist in that region. Some fish diseases, attack fish that are kept in tanks for domestic use. These fish diseases are known as fish tank diseases. Evidence to show that a species of fish reared in tanks have symptoms of fish tank diseases is when the fish is very quiet, refuses to eat, or spits out food given to it. Other examples of fish tank diseases include white spot, and fish tuberculosis. Symptoms of these diseases include loss of scales and fins.

Fish tank diseases can be treated just like the way human beings are treated with drugs when they are sick. This is done by treating fishes with fish tank diseases with the appropriate drug. Another way of dealing with fish tank diseases is by selecting the fishes affected with fish tank diseases and transporting it to a separate tank to prevent further spread to the healthy ones. Fish tank diseases can therefore be prevented by practicing hygienic conditions. Fish tank diseases are caused by dirty water, which enables the bacteria of these fish tank diseases to thrive.


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