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Symptoms Of Hereditary Kidney Diseases


The diseases of kidneys are actually disorders which badly affect the kidneys. There are two organs which remove the waste products. They produce the hormones. They regulate the level of blood chemicals. Kidneys are used to remove the waste products and fluid from the body which is wasteful. Through the urine, these waste products and fluids are removed.highly complex steps of excretion and re-absorption are involved in the production of urine. The body chemicals are balanced by using this method. Body’s salt, potassium and acid contents regulation is done through the kidneys. Hormones and vitamins are produced through the kidneys. They affect the functions of other organs. There are certain types of kidney diseases. These include hereditary kidney diseases, congenital disease, acquired kidney disease, kidney stones, nephrotic syndrome, long standing high blood pressure which is actually hypertension, diabetes and drugs and toxins.


Hereditary kidney diseases can occur either in men or women. Hereditary kidney diseases produce clinical symptoms. They can be produced from the teenage years to the adulthood. Polycistic kidney disease is one of the most prevalent Hereditary kidney diseases. There are some other Hereditary kidney diseases’ conditions like, Alport's syndrome, hereditary nephritis, primary hyperoxaluria and cystinuria.


After discussing Hereditary kidney diseases there comes the congenital disease which is due to the some malformation of the genitourinary tract. It leads to the obstruction. It produces the infection and sometimes it causes the destruction of the kidney tissues. It can result into the chronic kidney failure. The disease of acquired kidney are numerous. There becomes the inflammation of the kidney. Glomerulonephritis is the most common type of acquired kidney disease. Sometimes the people have kidney stones in their bodies. When there are stones in their bodies and when they pass, the pain increases in the side and back of the person. The stones in kidney can be the inherited disorder. It is secondary to the malformation actually. These stones can occur without any prior problem. Patients feel severe pain suddenly and when the stone is passed then the pain releases and disappears automatically.

Nephrotic syndrome occurs when there is large loss of protein in the urine of the human being. There are low blood protein levels in the human body. It is considered to be the primary disorder of the kidney as well as the secondary disorder to the illness. It affects many parts of the body.

Long standing high blood pressure also known as hypertension causes the kidney diseases itself. It can result into the kidney disorder. The natural course of any underlying kidney disease can be accelerated by the uncontrolled high blood pressure. Kidney failure can occur due to the long standing diabetes. These complications can be reduced by the tight control of blood glucose levels over the years. Kidney of the person can also be damaged by the certain medications, toxins, street drugs and pesticides.

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There are certain symptoms of the Hereditary kidney diseases like increase in the frequency of the urination, or passage of blood in the urine etc.

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