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The pecan tree is the official state tree of Texas. This tree can be grown all over Texas so it’s not uncommon to see Pecan trees just about anywhere you go in Texas. Pecan trees are susceptible to some sort of diseases that are sometimes difficult to identify.

Overview of Pecan Tree Problems

Being the official state tree of Texas, a pecan tree is acclimated to the hot climate of the state. These trees are generally very tolerant of stressful conditions. Pecan trees shed their pecans which is a natural survival tool of the pecan tree.

Although these trees are quite tolerant, there are pecan tree diseases that can kill the trees. Aside from the diseases that can kill pecan trees, the tree must have proper irrigation along with adequate levels of zinc and nitrogen in the soil where it grows. Poor soil drainage can also lead to death of the pecan tree.

Other things that can contribute to the death of a pecan tree are things such as overcrowding, poor soil depth, freeze, and diseases.

Specific Pecan Tree Diseases

Many pecan tree diseases can inhibit the growth or cause death for pecan trees. One common disease seen in pecan trees is a disease called Cotton Root Rot. This disease is a major cause of tree death in areas where high soil PH, hot soil and poor soil drainage is an issue. When this is the case, it is not easy to control Cotton Root Rot.

Taking care of the pecan tree and providing the normal environment it needs to grow and flourish can help prevent this disease and other pecan tree diseases. Although the pecan trees are known to be tough survivalists, it’s not uncommon for this disease to take over and eventually kill one of more trees in the crop.

Pecan tree diseases can also attack the leaves of pecan trees. Blotch is a leaf disease that can happen to trees that may be deficient in zinc. Trees that are kept in nursery environments are more prone to this disease. This disease will call black spots or odd shaped yellow blotches on the leaves.

If seedling trees are found to have white powdery grown on the young shoots of the pecans, it is generally found to have a disease called powdery mildew. This will generally not cause serious damage but can be controlled with scab sprays.

Pecan tree diseases can happen to trees that appear to be totally healthy. Crown Gall is a tumor disease that causes tumors to grow on the base of the tree close to the soil line. These can also be seen growing on the roots of the tree.

Although pecan tree diseases aren’t uncommon, there are ways you can prevent them by providing the environment they need in order to grow. You can also buy preventative sprays and treatments that will help prevent some of the pecan tree diseases.

With adequate soil, proper irrigation and preventative measures, you will be able to protect your tree from many of the pecan tree diseases. Maintenance of pecan trees can be an expensive and time consuming process, but if done properly it will keep you from possibly losing your entire crop.


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Taking the proper preventative measures will help protect your tree from the pecan tree diseases that can attack and kill your tree.  Some of these diseases can take over an entire crop which would result in total crop loss.  

By Susan Hill, published at 04/03/2012
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