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How To Survive a Bioagent Weapons Attack

Published at 04/05/2012 02:34:04


Bioagent Weapons Attack Overview


Bioagent detection test is intentionally released biological hazardous air biological warfare pathogens. Bacillus anthracis, perhaps most commonly known as the bioagent, is causing a fatal disease anthrax, usually. Since some of these hazardous agents can easily find ingredients, solid continues to grow and the need to protect this type of deadly attacks.

Immediately after 9/11. September attacks weeks letters containing anthrax spores were sent to the highlydeadly postal system more prominent News anchors and media offices, as well as two U.S. senaatorite. Five people were killed and 17 others were infected. Weeks, citizens of the United States of America had terrorized News reports and the impact of exposure to potentially lethal, deadly warned. They are concerned about safety, the protection required by the United States of America.


Step 1

In response, the programs established by the Government, to identify the pathogens in the BioWatch air intended for an attack on the United States of America's major cities. The program is described as "the nation's first early warning network of sensors to detect biological attack" and has included Environmental Protection Agency õhufiltrites is a system of filters. The collected data is analyzed in the disease prevention and control and the transfer of the Federal Bureau of investigation of the potential risks.

Step 2

Bioagent Weapons Attack Preparatio - Some of the criticisms of the BioWatch program has brought to the forefront of potential problems. Many have expressed concerns about BioWatch system on the basis only, and some of the possible failure of specific questions are drawn from the filters in the system places not optimal or is likely to have coverage of biotechnology to biological attacks, poor placement of inequality. Some noted that the BioWatch filters kill whatever pathogen has been activated, subsequently eliminate the possibility of further scientific testing. Others claim the current filters could detect a bioagent release indoor or underground, and therefore will not be able to defend our country from attack.

Step 3


Understand Bioagent Weapons Attack Testing - After eight years of development, offers a real M-BAND solution. Real-time data offers M-BAND awareness and protection from potential biological warfare against attack. In addition to the M-BAND can be remotely configured, so all kinds of pathogen in particular three simultaneously programmable interval or a test based on the DNA of pathogens and toxins based on RNA or without.

Step 4

Know Bioagent Weapons Attack Detection - The Department of Homeland Security has allocated 3 billion dollars bioaresol monitor Setup a network of early warning systems in the whole country budget. Fortunately, could probably between large enterprises and organizations in the underdog bioagent detector could save the day. A small-but-mighty PositiveID Corporation M-BAND, the amazing device which is becoming biocell bioagent detection in the world.

Step 5

Bioagent Weapons Attack Recovery


People in America was wounded physically and psychologically, after the terrorist attacks. The American airline industry suffered economically as well: the U.S. economy was almost destroyed and took several years to recover.


Bioagent Weapons Attack Final Thoughts


Biological agents have the ability to adversely affect human health in many ways, ranging from relatively mild allergic reactions to severe medical conditions, even death. These organisms are ubiquitous in natural environment; they are found in water, soil, plants and animals. Because many bioagents reproduce rapidly and require minimal resources for preservation, they are a potential danger in a wide variety of workplaces and other environments. Early detection of a biological agent in the environment enables early treatment and specific and sufficient time to treat others that were exposed with protective medicines. At this time, the Defense Department is evaluating devices to detect clouds of biological warfare agents in the air.

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