About Innoval Technology
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About Innoval Technology

Published at 04/05/2012 22:45:34


About Innoval Technology

Innoval Technology refers to a private company that provides high quality consultancy, technical support and training to investors, manufacturers and end-users of aluminum across a wide range of industry sectors. The only Aluminum rolling course for aluminum industry is provided by the extensive portfolio of Innoval Technology. It will give the workers, peace of mind that comes from involving a team of people who know and work in teams in the target industry.


Innoval Technology is very well known and its experience and technical ability are known worldwide. If you have a particular problem with your product or process, a quick solution will be delivered as it is proved by past clients. Furthermore, because of the breadth of knowledge within the company, any issue from several angles is handled seriously. Innoval Technology works independently so an unbiased advice is always expected.


Engineers of Innoval Technology are experienced enough because of working throughout the world, so they are well aware of the term WORLD-CLASS and help you get there quickly. Most importantly, the organization is really passionate about our work and making customers and clients happy.
Innoval Technology team comprises of scientists, engineers and physicists who work together to provide a unique trouble-shooting resource which is capable of solving customer’s most complex problems. Innoval uses computer modeling skills to create physically-based process simulations. This enables the management to investigate a much wider range of manufacturing parameters than is possible in normal production, also allowing to solve extremely complex rolling problems.

Innoval engineers have specific expertise in spray cooling systems designing, reducing the time and energy consumption of heating cycle, finding solutions for mill vibration problems and lastly in improving the flatness and gauge variation of sheet products.

Innoval Technology consists of a Materials group which contains a diverse range of skills. The organization gives combination of extensive experience in the production and performance of non-ferrous metals with expertise in polymers, surface treatment and joining technologies. Since knowledge is the key to success, so Innoval assures that they know and understand the latest industry developments. Furthermore, the organization has much long-term collaboration with universities and research centers. This means that a person always be assured of the most up-to-date solutions to the problems.

Innoval recognize that every company's training needs are different, so an extremely flexible program is developed. The policy is to take what's outlined here and customize it to meet the needs of your company. The products and processes are taken into account, as well as the delegates' level of expertise. All the needs are different and must be fulfilled in specific manner. Innoval don't offer a one-course-fits-all solution.

The courses in Innoval Technology are written and delivered by an experienced Innoval consultant who is familiar with day-to-day production issues. Innoval Technology also provides expert evaluation of downstream assets in a variety of sectors.


These days Innoval Technology plays a vital role in industry sector and many other. It provides an opportunity to know if the equipment you're about to invest in is capable of supplying the target markets, both in terms of production capacity and product quality. They also look at safety and environmental aspects, as well as assessing the capability of the staff and reviewing the process documentation. Hence Innoval is an independent company providing world-class expertise to the global aluminum industry.