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How To Mix Kocide Fungicide


Did you know you could mix fungicide right at the comfort of your garden or workshop? We will look at how we can mix Kocide fungicide at home. Kocide fungicide is manufactured by E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, of Wilmington, Del. there three formulas from which you can easily choose from ;Kocide 3000 , Kocide 200 , and Kocide 20/20.of the three great formulas Kocide 3000 contains the highest level of active copper. All the three formulas are listed as both fungicides and bactericides for use on a wide variety of fruits and vegetable crops and ornamentals. So after you mix the Kocide fungicide the application is not much work since the application rate depends upon the specific plants you are treating and the products label the Kocide fungicide has labels on the container which have extensive charts to help or assist you in the application of the already mixed Kocide fungicide.

Step 1

Remember you will need a spray tank you use after mixing the Kocide fungicide to use to spray it on to the plants as directed. You can buy the spray tank at your nearest discount shop or store.

Step 2

First get the Kocide fungicide from your nearest store. Add the required amount of water in the sprayer tank that is the sprayer tank will have a line drawn till where the water can reach or use the amount of water prescribed on the chart that is attached to the Kocide fungicide .then slowly add the Kocide fungicide slowly into the water as you are slowly agitating the sprayer tank and this will make the mixing more smooth and easy.

Step 3

Continue agitating the sprayer tank as you add water to fill up the sprayer tank make sure you agitate the mixture slowly so as not to pour it. Make sure you have dissolved all the Kocide fungicide before you go to the next step.

Step 4

Now you have perfectly mixed in the Kocide fungicide add spreaders , insecticides or stickers after you have added all the water to fill up the sprayer tank. and as you pour in the spreaders , stickers and insecticides agitate the sprayer tank slowly until they dissolve now your Kocide fungicide mixture is ready and you can now apply it to the different plants that need fungicide according to the chart giving directions on how to apply. Ensure you follow the chart because too much of the fungicide or even too little may lead to the death of your plants hence lots of losses.

Step 5

Ensure you are protected as you mix and apply the Kocide fungicide because it may be harmful to you. You can do this by wearing long sleeved shirt and a long pant and gloves and socks and a protective mask on your head and face this will ensure you do not come into contact with the harmful fungicide.


Read the entire Kocide label before application. It includes important safety and application information.

Wear a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, socks, shoes, waterproof chemical-resistant gloves and eye protection while applying the fungicide. If clothing items become drenched with the product, discard them after wearing.


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