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What Is Spirovac?


With the advancement in the medical science various new diseases have been found in the recent past. Also their cure has been found out after an extensive medical research. Among the one of the disease is Letptospirosis. This kind of infection is predominantly caused by the bacteria of the genus leptospira. It is predominantly seen in the animals. Also, then they get transferred to human’s lives by various means. One of the highlighted means is the urine of the animals which gets dissolved with the waters used by the humans. This bacteria lead to jaundice and enlargement of spleen along with many other diseases. There are various medicines available on the market but one of them stands out to be a unique one. This is called Spirovac that is known for its value on the market. 

The medicine named Spirovac vaccine in nature and does the work against the lower fertility rate which is due to the bacteria of the genus leptospira. This form of the bacteria is predominantly fond in the animals that are breed in the diary farm. It is vaccine that is given to the animals at their juvenile stage. They are also given to the animals that are lactating or pregnant. This vaccine prevents the animals from Leptospira borgpetersenii serovar hardjo virus. This prevents the cattle from retinal and reproductive tract colonization. Also this medicine helps in prevention of the urinary shedding of the time period of 12 months. Not only has the Spirovac helped in fighting with these diseases but also with many of the other fatal diseases predominantly the dairy animals.

Chemically the vaccine contains the culture of L. borgpetersenii serovar present in an inactivated form. This vaccine helps in the prevention of transmission and shedding of traces of the bacteria in the reproductive tracts and kidneys of the cattle. This vaccine is very much effective in the calves of age of four weeks. It stops them from passing on the bacteria to the next level. This vaccine is absolutely safe for the pregnant cows and does not make any complications with the pregnancy issue.

Spirovac is available on the market in the dose of 10 and 50. They cost around $27 and $134 respectively. They are available in the medicine stores or can be found over the Internet. There are many medicine companies that sell this vaccine on the market online also. This vaccine container must be sore at a cool place of temperature around 2 to 7 degree Celsius. This vaccine must not be made to be in contact with the sunlight by any ways.

Spirovac should be injected intramuscular into the muscle of the animals in a quantity of 2ml to get the best results. The animal must be re-vaccinated within a span on of one year for the proper results. so this vaccine is very much helpful to the humanity. This vaccine helps in eradicating the dangerous disease caused by the bacteria of genus Leptosira.

By Ignat Victor, published at 04/06/2012
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