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5 Common House Plant Diseases


House plants also get attacked by diseases just like all other plants. This is because harmful microorganisms are always present around them. In the air, soil, water and even plants themselves. Foliage diseases caused by parasitic microorganisms are seldom a problem within the home because of the relative dryness of the air. The house plant diseases are caused by bacteria, fungus and even pests. Most of the diseases are those involving the roots. However,it is mostly when a plant has become weakened by change of culture and probably a different atmosphere that it becomes susceptible to the diseases. Some of the diseases are powdery mildew, wilts, crown, stem or root rot, leaf spots, flower spots and blight, damping off, virus diseases, bacterial diseases and many more.

House plants are usually used in homes and house to beautify and make a home welcoming. House plant diseases usually occur in warm, humid conditions, particularly when there is poor ventilation or the plants are overcrowded. Such diseases can always be prevented if the plants are treated with care. Plants have been getting infected due to neglect where they do not get enough care and up very week an d easily invaded by bacteria, fungus and even pests. Bets way to take care of your house plant is by making sure it gets all the necessary and required things for the good growth of plants. You can isolate plants you suspect to have house plant diseases just to make sure that it doesn’t infect the other plants.


Wilts is one of the house plant diseases that usually happens when some bacteria enters the plant through the root interfering with the water conducting ability of the plants and wilts the leaves becomes pale and eventually brown. Leaf spot, flower spots and blight is caused when fungi spread by air under moist conditions. Damping off is caused some soil-located fungi which attack seedlings and cuttings causing them to rot at the base. Botyritis blight is one of the fungal house plant diseases that can develop on any above ground part of a plant due to high humidity or overcrowding if dead leaves or blossoms are left on the plant. Bacterial house plant diseases are hard to control and can only be tested in a laboratory for identification.

Tips and comments

The best thing to do would be to take good care of your plant to avoid them from being attacked by house plant diseases. You should clean and disinfect old pots before replanting in them again just in case some bacteria or fungi are in them. Do not over water your plants because if you some roots will not get air and will become susceptible to diseases. Always keep all your gardening tools clean and if you use them to prune infected plants always make sure to disinfect them before using them on a healthy plant. A healthy plant will make your house look alive and well looked after. It will bring in a breath of fresh air.

By Wanjiku Njuguna, published at 04/05/2012
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