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Spleen is the most useful organ in the body which helps the body to fight infections and help to remove impurities from the blood. If the spleen is affected by diseases it can cause bacteria infection if necessary action is not taken. It is important for anybody to know about the diseases of the spleen so that it can be easy to prevent oneself from infection and if you are already infected you will know the way of fighting or dealing with disease.


One of the diseases of the spleen is the blood disorders. In this condition the results in the red blood cells breakdown affect the spleen. This condition can lead to the sickle cell since it is the red blood cell which is affected. Since the spleen is responsible for removal of metabolic substances from the blood, when it is affected, it can trap the normal red blood cell which eventually all the red blood cells will be trapped in spleen and this can lead to sickle cell anemia since there will be no transportation of the iron minerals.

Another disease of the spleen is the spleen rupture. This is usually caused by the stress and if a person is involved in the road accident. When the spleen raptures, the metabolism remains in the body and no removal of the waste product from the body. In many cases, people with splenetic rapture complain about the abdominal pains and their stomach grows big and hard. This is usually caused by waste deposition in the stomach and poisoning the cell of the body. Also related with spleen rapture is an ulcer which is formed as a result of the waste deposition destroying the inner walls of the stomach. When someone has the splenetic rapture, surgery is the only solution but even though, the life span of the person is shortened.


Kidney infection is another spleen disease. When the spleen is affected, the metabolic waste goes to the kidney. Since it is not the function of the kidney to the work, it becomes overloaded and with time it develops into kidney stones which are most deadly disease. This forces the kidney to be removed and if it is all the kidneys that are affected, then kidney transplant from another healthy person and whose blood rhymes with the victim is done or it can lead to death within a short time.

Liver infection is another spleen disease and it is a life threatening since there is no transplant of the liver. In this condition, when the spleen is affected the liver has to carry out the function of the spleen. It becomes so hard for the liver to perform the function which is not adapted to. This can lead to death within a short time and it is important to seek medical advice.

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So it is very important for all of us to know about the spleen diseases and the way we can prevent since it is hard to treat these diseases and those that are associated with spleen infection.

By Emma Wanjiku, published at 04/05/2012
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