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How To Treat Diseases Caused By Birds

Published at 04/05/2012 23:05:08


The avian influenza virus is dangerous, because it so never change its nature-often mutating in a very short period of time. Originating in Asia, the.avian influenza virus has spread throughout the world, but it will still be limited to companies other than those of the country as it relates to diseases caused by birds.

So what are the features? How do you and your family prepare for avian flu virus pandemic? The Americans, including the President are concerned about the possibility that we are not ready to change the avian flu. It is estimated that in any of the 2 million to more than 50 million could perish If this virus becomes a reality. The only thing you can do now is prepare.

Avian influenza, or bird flu, is affecting the fowls of the species Gallus domesticus, ducks, turkeys and other birds, the contagious viral disease. Avian influenza was detected for the first time in more than 100 years ago, and today is about 20 different types of stocks. The latter, which is particularly deadly strain of the virus H5N1 strain caused by viral hemorrhagic disease outbreaks from diseases caused by birds.

The virus which causes the problems found appears to be versatile and flexible. Researchers are working on a new vaccine, which should be a powerful virus that causes defects in the new database. Is one of the subtypes and strains of the virus that causes.avian influenza and some more serious diseases cause than others. Avian influenza H5N1 virus, the reasons will be reported later Sunday with the results of the studies, the officials said which relates to diseases caused by birds.



Bird flu (avian influenza) is used to describe influenza virus H5N1, at this time, that yields a highly contagious and fatal disease in severe epidemics have been recorded during the birds quickly. Avian influenza subtypes of.avian influenza virus, the cause, hens, ducks and other birds, the viruses that cause mild disease may mutate into a virus that can cause serious illness (highly pathogenic).

Medical offices for visitors from all over the world, people are wondering if they are.avian flu symptom these days. We are all so terrified of all kinds of avian flu-the problem that some even stopped going to be other people. This is a little extreme, since the avian flu symptom has not yet had in many cases move from one person to another, and the world's largest is not even affected by the extensive yet but it is still a good idea, it is a good idea to extract each of the avian flu symptom information and what you can expect from them.

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Each of the signs of the bird flu and the common cold is the symptom is not really any different, they can only get worse. If you are in the same types of symptoms, cough, throat pain is perhaps in some aivastelu, but can also suffer from fever, the more serious the bird flu symptom such as respiratory distress or even failure. This type of avian flu problem can cause death.

Influenza is a respiratory infection. Antiviral treatment can help reduce the symptoms of life by stopping the body in relation to the risk of spreading the virus. The bird flu virus in humans is so far from the rates are affected by radiation defects. The avian influenza virus is evolving over time, and on the extent to which the virus can become resistant in avian flu treatments. Problems in developed countries relating to the validation of the time, when the virus mutates and the virus to develop resistance to the drugs the drugs, which are used extensively in high probability of effectiveness which relates to diseases caused by birds.