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About Dermatomycoses

Published at 04/06/2012 11:16:06


Dermatomycoses comprises of any fungal infection of either the skin or the hair. These fungal or yeast infection are very common and are caused by a variety of yeast and moulds. the names of these Dermatomycoses are generally named after the place in which they affect rather than the yeast of moulds that cause them. They are very many type of Dermatomycoses . And most of them show similar symptoms and affect similar places either the skin or the hair so it is very important that we learn how to treat these Dermatomycoses on our own so as to save money and time and to get to be more educated.


Here are some of the best ways in which you can treat these Dermatomycoses on your own;

If you are treating tinea capitis which is a fungal infection of the scalp you can use antifungal agents such as fluconazole, ketoconazole, itraconazole or terbinafine. These antifungal will be very effective however it is very Important to note that griseofulvin which was the first effective oral therapy for Dermatomycoses is still very widely used and still very effective so to can still use it for treatment of the fungal infections. Some of the tropical treatment is very much ineffective but some shampoos such as the selenium sulfide shampoo though will not very effective it may help in reducing the number of spores that are shed due to Dermatomycoses.

If you are treating tinae barbea which is a fungal infection that affects the bearded face use antifungal just as in the treatment for fungal affecting the scalp this is solemnly because the forehead and the scalp are attached together and hence some hairs have been affected. The antifungal terminfine is especially effective in curing this type of Dermatomycoses and therefore ensure it is what you are using and the treatment will take up to four weeks. As you undergo the treatment ensure you shave or use hair depilation with warm water compresses to remove crusts and debris.


When you discover a tinea cruris which is a jock itch make sure you treat it the best treatment for this Dermatomycoses is by the use of tropical antifungal agents allylamine or imidazole family. If this type of Dermatomycoses proves to be stubborn you can treat it with systemic antifungal therapy.it is important to note that the areas that infected with fungal infections should be treated simultaneously to ovoid or prevent re infection or infection of areas without fungal infection.

Patients who are suffering from tinea pedis which is also called athlete’s foot should ensure to dry their crural folds completely after bathing and make sure to use a different towel to wipe the rest of the body to ensure that other parts of the body are not infected with this Dermatomycoses. This Dermatomycoses can be treated with the use of antifungal agents.

Tips and comments

If you are suffering from tinea of the body also called tinea corporis apply a tropical antifungal agent. The antifungal agent should be applied to the lesion and the areas around it for at least two weeks.