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Are There Fewer Deaths From Cancer in China Than the United States?


Any irregular growth of cells in the human body is termed as cancer. Sometimes because of controllable or uncontrollable reasons, certain cells start multiplying into enormous numbers hence creating an abnormal growth inside or outside of human body. A malignant tumor, or uneven cell growth is cancerous when it grows back even after removal. If it spreads it can affect surrounding tissues and organs of the human body. Till today, the 100% cure of cancer is not discovered. Cancer is caused due to a number of reasons. Major contributory factors are environmental pollution, use of tobacco, obesity, unhealthy lifestyle and radiation. China, the most densely populated country in the world, is being greatly affected by this cruel disease. Some researchers claim that there are fewer deaths from cancer in China as compared to United States. However, latest statistics have revealed that cancer is one of the leading causes of death among people in China as well. On the other hand United States is also not spared by this deadly disease. According to statistics 1 in 4 deaths in the US are caused by cancer. Latest facts and figures reveal that comparatively, there are fewer deaths from cancer in China than in United States. There are many reasons why the above statement is true.


The shocking truth is that everyday many people in the urban and rural areas of China are dying of cancer. This is basically due to an increase in environmental pollution. Due to a number of industries being established in the country the quality of air, water and land is greatly suffering. Birth defects are being reported frequently in the country. In China, the numbers of deaths due to cancer are fewer than in USA. The basic reason behind this fact is that people in China consider cancer as a chronic disease and have a strong faith in traditional and herbal medicine. Generally people in United States presume that people in China are more active hence they will be less vulnerable to cancer. Actually Chinese people are more vulnerable to cancer but their lifestyle choices help them to survive through the disease. The most common forms of cancer in China are stomach cancer, Hepatitis B and C, liver cancer, cervical cancer and Herpes.


When it comes to the cancer related statistics of United States, the number of deaths caused by the disease varies according to the type of cancer. As compared to China, lung cancer is a more leading cause of death in the United States of America. Similarly, there is a significant difference in the mortality rate of both countries when it comes to breast cancer. Chinese people suffer less from the disease. If we consider the majority of the cancer types, there are fewer deaths from cancer in China than the United States.

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Even though United States is a developed country and offers better health care facilities to its people, but the lifestyle choices of the people are contributing to the ever increasing mortality rate due to cancer. Chinese people on the other hand have active lifestyles but the environmental conditions, poverty and lack of access to facilities are greatly contributing to the rising percentage of cancer. Although there are fewer deaths from cancer in China than in United States but still both countries are equally exposed to the dangers of this disease.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/01/2012
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