What Are The Causes Of  Particularly Painfull Disease
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What Are The Causes Of Particularly Painfull Disease

Published at 02/05/2012 17:07:01


What Are The Causes Of  Particularly Painfull Disease

Diseases have been part of human ecology since the beginning of life. It’s something that none of us really hopes for nor wants, but with time human race has adapted and improvised to overcome most of the diseases, however few are still incurable. Although we humans are particularly aware that for almost every health issue there is a remedy, the concept of pain still makes us nervous. What is pain? Why should it be given significance? Pain is usually taken casually, unless something serious happens. Pain in many of the cases is particularly the initial symptom of the bigger problems to come.


What Are The Causes Of  Particularly Painfull Disease

Pain is one of the most primitive concepts on this planet. In ancient times some cultures believed that pain is the consequence of sins that a human committed. Often they would perform rituals, particularly to inflict pain upon each other to appease their gods. Other cultures, even at that time, made efforts to gain relief from it. In ancient Egypt people would place electric eels over the wounds of injured from the Nile River, as it was thought it would speed up the healing process.


What Are The Causes Of  Particularly Painfull Disease

To define in a line or a word what particularly causes painful diseases is impossible. Because firstly there are numerous diseases that human’s are vulnerable to. Almost all of the diseases cause pain or eventually wear you down to a stage where you start having pains. Normally a person experiences pain due to stress or over exertion of muscles. But sometimes pain is caused due to diseases. For instance Dermatomyositis is a disease that causes a lot of pain and a burning sensation in the muscles. It primarily causes inflammation in your muscles. Often there would be a purplish or a red rash surfacing over the muscle, during or after the muscle has been weakened. Rash usually surfaces over eyelids or over joint, for examples one’s knuckles, knee, toe etc. Other times it has been noted to occur at chest, shoulders, neck or face even. There is no known cause why Dermatomyositis condition develops in a human being but few characteristics have been common in patients suffering from this disease. It is believed that it’s a viral muscular infection which is linked with the weakening of a person’s immune system. Inflammation has been said to be caused by a bacteria or some parasite. However, the exact reason causing it has not yet been discovered. Another Painful disease is Tetanus. It also causes muscle aches and stress over muscle fibers. It is believed to be caused by a toxin which creates the stiffness in the human jaw. It can cause severe spasms in your muscles and can even be a threat to one’s life. Most common symptoms of tetanus are having difficulty in breathing, regular muscle spasms in chest, neck or any other muscle set.

Tips and comments

If you are having any pain, even if it is a minor one, do not hesitate to get it checked as soon as possible. Often we ignore minor problems, particularly spasms or muscle burning, thinking it will get fixed over time. Due to this ignorance it becomes a bigger problem which could have been avoided with little attention.