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Stroke Treatment For Children With Sickle Cell Diseases


Every baby born is precious. At the early stages of life, they are open to many kinds of diseases that can prove to be fatal as well. Sickle Cell Disease usually starts showing its symptoms during the first year of the sick child, usually after 5th month of their birth. The reason that the Sickle Cell Disease or diseases stroke does not show any symptoms at the birth of the baby is because fetal hemoglobin prevents the red blood cells to sickle. And after the first four or five months of their birth, fetal hemoglobin transforms itself into adult hemoglobin which might result in the blood cells to sickle. These kinds of diseases stroke can be treated if they are diagnosed in time.


Stroke treatment for children with sickle cell disease is different varying from person to person. There are two types of illness that can cause strokes in children. One is deficits strokes and the other is Sickle disease. Sickle disease is a hemoglobin disorder. The red blood cells are distorted in the shape of crescent moon when they are looked from a microscope. They are stretched with the pointed edges instead of having circular shapes. Statistics show that male children are more prevalent to this diseases stroke, especially in the area of Africa. Children with sickle diseases are prone to more infections and diseases because their immune system is weak to fight the bacteria of other diseases.


Children having diseases stroke should go under intensive care. But the treatment could only be done if the disease is diagnosed after showing some symptoms. One of the symptoms is the swelling of the hands and feet of children. It happens when the sickle cells block the blood vessels causing hindrance for blood to flow freely. It could be treated through proper intake of fluids like water and pain medicines. Another major complications faced by children with sickle disease is the pain episode. It is one of the main reasons when they have to be taken into emergency units at hospitals. It occurs because the sickle cells block the blood vessels and causes pain in different parts of the body. It could be prevented by taking loads of fluids and making sure the child is getting enough oxygen level. Severe pain can be treated through pain killers. But it should be prescribed by a doctor as some pain killers have severe side effects.

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Another common complication of Sickle cell disease includes Anemia. Due to this, red blood cells in the body die more quickly. The best treatment for this is the blood transfusions. Other complications include vision loss and many other infections. The major complications caused due to Sickle Cell disease is a stroke in children. This happens when the sickle cell block the blood vessels and stop the blood from going towards the brain. This can cause life long mental disabilities and learning problems. About 10% of children get strokes due to these sickle cells. It could be prevented through proper blood transfusions may be on daily basis that helps sickle cells get out of the body. By taking more iron, more red blood cells can be produced in the body. The diseases stroke needs intensive care and proper treatment in order to save a life of a precious child.

By Sidra Rana, published at 02/01/2012
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