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Why is raynaud's diseases dangerous for childrens


The changes in climate and surrounding affect children the most. This is because their body’s immune system is weak and more vulnerable to infections and diseases. Thus childrens diseases are very common with reference to changes in the surroundings. One of these childrens diseases is the Reynaud’s disease which can prove to be dangerous in some cases. This disease is characterized by less flow of blood to certain sensitive organs of the body like the fingers and toes which results in their discoloration or getting pale or blue. This disease is named after the French student of medicine who discovered it in 1862. It has rapidly spread since then and is now considered a very common disease among children.


The primary symptoms of this childrens diseases is the pain felt at the sensitive areas like fingers and toes. It also causes feelings of numbness and discoloration. If the person infected with this disease does not consults a doctor it can become dangerous. It increases when the person is taken to a place with cold climate, meaning that it is more prevalent in winter seasons. This is because in winters, the arteries shrink and the flow of blood to the organs is hampered thus causing numbness and paleness. This disease is more common in women than in men.


As mentioned earlier, this disease can become dangerous if a doctor is not consulted on time and the proper medication is not taken. The primary Reynaud’s disease occurs by itself without any link or association to other diseases. It is referred to as the allergy to coldness. The secondary Reynaud’s disease is linked with a number of other factors and diseases. It also linked to obesity and anorexia nervosa. It is made worse by smoking or intake of other drugs. Jobs which occur in a cold atmosphere or which have exposure to mercury etc worsen the disease too. This disease usually occurs in slender and slim children. It starts in children with the age of 12. It also follows the family heredity. There are certain food and medicines of children that increase the risk of catching this ailment. Prolonged disease among the children can damage their body tissues. This can also cause permanent blockage of blood reaching respective organs which can result in ulcers as well. Such childrens diseases is very difficult to test and treat.

Tips and comments

This disease can be cured in a number of ways depending on its type and intensity. The initial way to treat is by preventing the patient to go into cold climate. The patient should control his emotional triggers. The use of harmful drugs should be stopped. In cases of emergency, a finger Reynaud’s disease can be healed by pouring warm water over it. If the warm water is not available then put the finger in the warm areas of the body like armpit or mouth. The treatment may involve a drug therapy too. Hence, the childrens diseases must be cured in time to prevent them from getting more harmful.

By Sidra Rana, published at 02/01/2012
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