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Most Common Treatment For Afflictions

Published at 02/01/2012 10:04:50


Afflictions refer to the condition of suffering or distress due to of ill health. In general words, it can be described as the effect of disease on one’s health and everyday life. Afflictions can be understood as disability resulting from disease or a condition because of which an ill person is unable to perform his daily routine job(s). An Affliction means a state of pain, suffering, distress or agony.

Afflictions are as follows in relation to some of the major occurring disease:

Non-healing fractures leads to deranged broken bones. Man may suffer from erectile dysfunction due to a large no of cause. Cancer spreads to bone and destroys joints. Blood is contaminated due to toxins because of renal failure. Rheumatic diseases results in various afflictions such a myopathies and joint destruction. Diabetes is a metabolic syndrome but ends in disturbing kidney, eye and skin of the patient as well.


Treatment for afflictions:

Afflictions are to be treated by two most commonly school of thoughts

1) Spiritual or Holy methods. 2) Physical & Medical methods.

Spiritual methods are known to mankind for long ago. A faith healer utilizes various methods of faith and believes that leads to a believer’s trust bonded betterment of one’s self. This method of treatment of afflictionsworks on believers and sometime miraculously on a non-believer too. It’s a bond of trust that supports a person’s will to get healthy and live with a sense of satisfaction that either he is Ill for a reason or his sufferings will help him get GOD’s grace and will.

In physical methods, the most commonly used treatment for afflictions is physiotherapy, it has emerged as the most recent, proper, professional and helpful method for use in the treatment of afflictions. It basically consists of various exercises based on the knowledge of anatomy and physiology of body which helps the patient to feel better both psychologically and physiologically.


Another kind of such treatment of afflictions is known to health professionals as supportive treatment. The examples are: Vitamin C is given to a non-healing ulcer or wound, Analgesics to relieve pain of any kind, steroids or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for relief of effects of inflammation induced pain, edema and fever etc. Hyperpigmentation skin lesion are worked by the excision surgery, plastic surgery treatment etc. Hip and knee joint replacement is done for osteopenia patients and those with other ailments leading to destruction of these joints just because of avoiding disability and handicapped individual. Renal dialysis is an example of treatment of afflictions in renal failure. Viagra pills are used by men with erectile dysfunction.

Afflictions treatment is a complete class of study that allows the doctor to lessen the misery and morbidity of the concerned patient. And help him walk through the path of disease process. Afflictions treatments are known to cause rapid healing as it builds the confidence of ailing humanity and it is proved by studies in relation to trust of patients in medication and it helps in getting body the psychological brain body biding effect.

Tips and comments

Another quiet popular treatment method of afflictions is “support group therapy”, where people from different backgrounds meet and sit together and talks about it, while they share similar problem. There are special psychologists present to supervise such groups and lead them in a direction that’s helpful and towards a goal that’s achievable to such level: it results in treatment more effective than mere pills and syrups and their timetable dependence.